All Hallow's Eve, Eve

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Happy Friday, Blonde Ambitioners! It seems we have made it to Halloween Eve, Eve : ) Since I don't typically post on the weekends, I thought we'd take today and celebrate the scary, sugary goodness of what has to be the most ridiculously fun holiday of the year.

Here are some nifty questions for y'all to answer in the comments field below, if you feel compelled to share:

1. What was your most favorite Halloween costume?
2. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
3. What was the worst thing you ever received in your trick or treat bucket?
4. Fav scary movie?
5. Fav scary movie villain?

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Because I know everyone is beside themselves with anticipation for my answers, here goes:

1. Probably the year my mom and grandma spent like a month making the PERFECT Princess Jasmine outfit for me. Blonde and blue-eyed, I'm about as far from an exotic, Arabian princess as one gets, but hey, I rocked it anyway. Freckles, southern accent and all.

2. Reese's Cups or Pieces. Anything that involves that precious peanut butter encased in chocolate is gold in my trick or treat bucket.

3. An apple. Surriously? Not a caramel or candy one, just a plain ole' Granny Smith. I had 364 other days of the year to worry about getting my recommended fiber intake...geesh.

4. It would be a 3 way tie between The Shining, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Mr. Depp and The Others with Nicole Kidman.

5. Probably either Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson's character from The Shining) or Freddy Krueger, not because I find him that scary, I just think he's misunderstood and in need of a hug.

Anywho, have a safe and Happy Halloween. Eat lots of candy and watch something spooky on TV, if the mood strikes.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. have a great weekend + Halloween, Leslie! xoxo

  2. yummy cuppy cakes! have a great weekend!

  3. I love those cupcakes!! They are too cute!! Happy Halloween!

  4. I loaded up the Netflix with "The Thing," "Wickerman," and "The Shining." LOVE scary movies! If I weren't in the middle of a move and other craziness, I would be loaded up with Reese's cups right about now. My favorite costume I ever had was my catwoman costume circa 1995. I was hot. Not. I was a chubby 5th grader in a black body suit. :) Hope you have an awesome Halloween, girlie!

  5. Love those cupcakes with the rose! Hmmm my favorite costume was when I got to dress up as Madonna as a kid! My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. Worst thing ever in the bucket was raisins! Favorite scary movie is Scream and favorite villain is probably Freddy Kruger! Kori xoxo

  6. Reese's are my favorites too! I can watch some scary movies, but not many. I'm a big chicken. My imagination runs too wild when it comes to scary stuff.

    Hope you have a happy halloween!

  7. Loved reading your answers girlie! I am such a scaredy cat that I cannot watch the scary movies. But I do love all the candy :) Have a great weekend love. I have a little Halloween Freebie for everyone on my blog- if you get the chance stop by xoxo

  8. I love the cupcakes with the glass! are those things you buy? or made out of sugar do you know?


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