Gold Standard

Good mid-morning, fair maidens. How's everyone feeling in blogland today?

Instead of killing y'all with Halloween posts right off the bat, (I'll wait until later in the week for that madness), I thought we'd take a look at my metal of choice for fall this year.

Actually, gold is pretty much always my metal of choice for fall. Because it's warmer than silver and tends to go with brown a bit better than silver. And brown dominates 3/4 of my closet during autumn. So there you have it.

It's funny, I actually prefer silver or white gold when it comes to rings and brooches and such, but as far as costume jewelry is concerned...gold all the way!

Anywhozit...aren't these necklaces just so darn pretty? Well these and everything else in this post from Planet Blue. Yeah, I want it all, too. Sigh...

There's something about gold embellishments that just makes me want to join a caravan, jump aboard a wagon and ride off into the sunset with a band of gypsies.

Ok, maybe not. Who am I kidding? I'm way too attached to my electrical outlets, Chi iron, Real Housewives of D.C. re-runs and daily Starbucks trips to live such a nomadic lifestyle.

Other things gold makes me think of:

-Stevie Nicks (once again, goes back to the whole gypsie, carefree attitude thing...dunno why)
-Flavor Flave
-Austin Powers Goldmember (obvi)
-Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
-spitoons (...or were those brass?)

In summary, I like gold this fall. And you should too. Well, far be it of me to tell you what you should like, but I suggest you give it a try. You might just find something about this heavenly metal that melts your butter. Or floats your boat. Or whatever.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Im a gold lover! I want the Michael Kors gold watch! Totally random, but yes please :)

  2. i LOVE that belt on the green dress..i need that ensemble!

  3. I Love it all! Especially that skirt!

  4. i always love gold! i wear mainly wear silver david yurman bracelets but most of my necklaces and earrings are gold... i like gold on blondes.

  5. OHH! I want that gold sequin skirt! To wear to the playground, to pick up my kid from school ... hmm. Maybe not.

  6. Jasmine did have some pretty sweet gold jewelry! :)

  7. I keep trying to wear long necklaces but they just don't feel right...kind of like scarves did at first. Guess I just need to keep trying. Thanks for sharing your favs!

  8. That website and the pictures are beautiful! Love the unique pieces! I totally want that Bull Skull ring. What a statement piece!

  9. I wear jewelry that's usually white gold or silver but every now and then I go gold!

  10. i agree - i prefer silver or white gold for my fancy rings and such, but love my gold costume jewelry!

  11. LOVE the gold. So glad it's back! I definitely am probably the only girl out there who wanted a gold engagement ring and band. My mom raised me on blondes look better in yellow gold -- so I'm a southern cursed by the real thing.

    So glad there is a modern twist with these styles! Great photos!

  12. I use to absolutely hate gold. I still will really only get silver or white gold. However in the fall I love just a hint of gold. I think it's gorgeous.


  13. I love the gold skirt in that last picture!!

  14. Hey, girl! I wanted to let you know that I blogged about you today! I hope that's okay. You can see it, here:


    <3 Kim

  15. so greek goddess


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