Currently Loving: J.Crew

Hoooo-weeee, I am one sleepy girl today!! As per usual on Monday, I am dragging this morning despite having downed two cups of coffee already. Oh well, I guess that just means it was a good weekend, right? Haha!

Friday my boy and I went to one of the best restaurants in downtown Bentonville called Table Mesa, a Latin fusion eatery with a cool atmosphere and super-delish food. It was sort of an early birthday celebration dinner for him. If any of y'all live in Northwest Arkansas and are semi-close to DT Bentonville, I would definitely recommend stopping by sometime - just make reservations, it can get a little crowded on the weekends!

Saturday, we did some tailgating at the U of A for the Arkansas/Ole Miss game. The Hogs prevailed, beating Mississippi 24-38! Go Razorbacks! And for inquiring minds out there, yes, I did wear my Razorback dress that I wrote about on Thursday, but  it POURED all day. Thankfully we were nice and dry under a pavilion.

Yesterday we spent some time with my boyfriend's family for his b-day, (his mom made the BEST homemade spaghetti and meatballs...YUM!), and topped it off with a cherry birthday cake! His sweet sister was kind enough to take some pics of us, so hopefully at some point this week I can officially introduce you guys to the wonderful man in my life : )

I know Mondays are typically kind of "blah", but I thought looking at some lovely pics of J.Crew awesomeness might perk things up a bit. Am I right or am I right?

J.Crew is one of my fav stores and, although it's a little more expensive, I'm always willing to save up in order to purchase their items for a special addition to my closet now and then.

I was flipping through their "Looks We Love" book online this morning and fell head over heels for pretty much everything there.

I've come to the conclusion that this season, I could easily make shorts, tights, hoodies and 3/4 sleeved blazers my uniform of choice.

Oh and don't get me started on the messy bun hairstyle. Any 'do that involves not spending hours on styling one's hair is a winner in my book.

Are you as into this stuff as I am?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. love this! i agree about messy buns- sometimes the easiest thing to do :)

    and that camel colored jacket is seriously amazing. i want it!

  2. J. Crew always has some of the best clothes. I am loving that camel jacket too!

  3. when am I not loving jcrew..serisouly. i wawnt to win the lottery to be able to buy it all..when I win I'll treat you to these pieces..deal :)

  4. Loving them all, but the first and last looks are my favorite! :) Hope your Monday goes better than mine is going! I'm dragging waaaay badly!

  5. You always have the best fashion pics! I heart you and your blog :)

  6. I always LOVE JCrew! I often wander in the store as if drawn in there by some force..and then am like "I dont need to spend this on this. blah." But, I too will splurge on a couple items every season taht I just LURVE! :) I can't wait to meet the man in your life with some photos this week, girlie!

  7. yayy i love boyfriend introductions! and as always, i love love love jcrew! yes, expensive, but so worth it! happy monday!

  8. Love love looooove! Geez, it's like you've jumped into my brain and stolen my fashion sense. Oh, how I wish I was rich and skinny! JCrew is almost as bad as Ann Taylor Loft for me. Hope your weekend was fab, dear!

  9. JCrew... it's like they can do no wrong.

    Happy Monday my sweet friend!

  10. J Crew is amazing!! and I dont know if J Crew's in your area do this, but if you have a college ID (even if you arent in college anymore but still look like you are!), they offer 15% off with a valid ID!! check it out :)

    xoxo follow my blog!

  11. I love the tights+shorts look, but I am too scared to try it on myself. I think I may be to tree-trunky in the upper leg area. Lurveee me some J.Crew, though.

  12. I am always throwing my hair up like that!

  13. I was thinking about you during the game - any chance we can get a picture of you in that dress?


  14. I am in love with a coat I saw there last week. Absolutely in love...

  15. So glad that you guys had a good weekend! We can't wait to "meet" your guy. As for J Crew - so nice, but a little high. Some things are just worth the splurge, no? Happy Monday!

  16. Oh my goodness I'm loving those J.Crew looks! Especially the last one. I'm on the hunt for some fabulous skinny jeans and I think those are winners! Can't wait to meet the new man! :)

  17. to my wallet's demise, i have always had a soft spot in my heart for j.crew - luckily i live about 5 minutes (or less!) from a j.crew outlet ;) holla!!

  18. I Love JCREW!!!! It is hands down my favorite store...I just have to wait till it goes on sale and then I can justify buying from there! I want that red sweater and skirt! I adore all the other looks too!

  19. I love J crew too! Such classic clothes!

  20. i most definitely am loving j.crew right now...that top outfit and then the one with the black shorts kinda make my heart weak!


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  22. I just might need that last jacket...

  23. Seriously! They keep getting better and better!

  24. Love, love, love ~ j. crew! Thought all of the looks were perfect! Haven't tried the shorts and tights pairing just yet but it's top on my list~


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