Trend Watch Wednesday: The Rider

In the words of Shopbop, "Good breeding is back." This fall, designers are paying homage to the classic blueblood style of the American artistocracy.

Shearling bomber jackets, tailored turtlenecks, pleated skirts in a variety of tweeds and sturdy, leather boots are just the ticket to accomplishing this style.

To keep the look from becoming to prim or stuffy, try mixing more structured pieces with funky items, like vintage cocktail jewelry, corsets or daring, sky-high boots. Adding a touch of the risque to this style brings it into 2010.

BB Dakota Cartersville Leather Jacket in Taupe; Cole Haan Camden Alexis Crossbody; Gabor Jenny in Basalt brown distressed leather; Juicy Couture leather gloves

Tailored styles in tartan plaids are a clever alternative to the leather mini we've seen this fall. I'm personally loving that skirts have made such a comeback this season. In fact, skirts with round silhouettes paired with fitted sweaters are becoming the new daytime dress.

I for one cannot wait to try my hand at replicating these outfits at home.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Shopbop.com, collage by A Blonde Ambition (please do not re-use without permission)


  1. I wish I wasn't such a broke student, I'd LOVE this stuff.

    PS- Martini. SOON.

  2. ugh, seriously obsessed. i love this entire look!

  3. Adore these looks and that coat, cloves, boots and bag have me drooling! ;)

  4. love those looks! how very classic Ralph Lauren of you :)

  5. im LOVING that bb dakota jacket! your KILLING my wallet lately doll!

  6. I love those boots! And I have been looking for a warm jacket! :)


  7. LOVE everything in this post. I LOVE this look!

  8. The boots in picture three took my breath away... AMAZING! I love these classic styles. I would splurge on these items and not even feel guilty in the least I could see getting years, if no a lifetime of use out of them!

  9. I love that bag! I bought a leather jacket and it was one of the best purchases I made last year.

  10. these are like the most perfect fall outfits! bliss!


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