What Fridays Are Good For

Happy Friday, chicas! Can I get a woo woo? To me, this day of the week is reserved for one thing and one thing only…having fun and eating bad stuff.

And really, what’s more fun than a Salted Caramel Brownie from the Pioneer Woman?
via Pioneer Woman

Heavens, y’all.

Let’s just pause for a moment to consider the rare beauty of those three words all together: Salted Caramel Brownie

I’ve never heard of this concoction before, but it sounds like the culmination of every PMS dream I’ve ever had. Go here to get the recipe and make some for yourself. And please invite me over when you do.

On to the next…

What’s also more fun than a post semi-solely dedicated to Halloween costumes? Because I haven’t done one yet and frankly, didn’t have a darn thing else to write about today.

I’m deep like that.

Planet Blue, a super cute online store, came up with their very own Halloween-inspired lookbook. The cool thing about these “costumes” is that they’re not really costumes at all. The pieces individually would be totally wearable long after trick-or-treating season is over. My favorites were the Black Cat, (even though we know how I feel about kitties), and the Captain Hook ensemble.

I must get my hands, er stems, on some of these leggings STAT.

Finally, never one to pass on an opportunity for shameless self-promotion, I thought I’d pass the word along about my latest little endeavor. I was recently asked to do some personal styling for a lovely girl up here in NWA for an engagement photo shoot. She was then kind enough to pass my name on to some of her friends who have just asked me to style their wedding shoot! So if you’re in need of some personal styling, closet reorganization or just general style advice, see my pages here and here or shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to help and I promise I'm cheaper than Rachel Zoe : ) There. That’s all. That was painless, right?

Y’all have a great weekend.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. LOVE the planet blue inspiration. I need to find a costume for next weekend! AHH!

  2. Oh Em Gee.. Those brownies!!!
    I told myself just yesterday that starting Monday I'm going to eat better.. I'll have to make some of these- stat!
    Loving the pirate.. Too cute and so non-sluttastic!
    Happy Friday!!

  3. Oh my that brownie looks good! I love that brown belt as well!

  4. that brownie looks delish! happy weekend, girlie! xo

  5. i love the indian one! i was tiger lily for halloween two years ago. and no brownies if id be wearing one of those lol. happy weekend!

  6. Seriously, my mouth is now watering over that brownie. I just gained 4 lbs by looking at it. And I loved every second of it! And secondly, I think you need to come to Mississippi and style me for real. I need some glamour in my life...all I wear are scrubs. Not cute! Hope your weekend is fabulous, sweet girl! Blessed with your "blog" friendship!

  7. gorgeous costumes!! much classier than ones you find on wickedtemptations.com or sexyhalloweencostumes.com! love love love them!

    enjoy your brownies girl!

    xoxo follow my new blog!!

  8. First, now I'm starving for a brownie. Second, I like that the "costumes" can really be used beyond Holloween. Third, best of luck with your styling/closet organizing adventures. I think it's great!

    Have a good weekend!

  9. my boss brought us "police doughnuts" this morning and let's just say i made the maple one my biotch! :) have a wonderful weekend doll! xo

  10. Great costumes!! Can I just say that I love your blog's positivity/creativity and fun-ness!!!
    I always look forward to reading....

    Have a great weekend! (and those Pioneer woman inspired brownies look fabulous!)

  11. Oh I love Pioneer Woman and that looks amazing!

  12. Congrats girlie, what a fun endeavor you're taking on!

  13. If I eat that brownie will I still fit into that amazing checked shirt?? Of course I will!! Haha.. Hope you had a fab weekend XXX

  14. Your blog is so lovely! I love it! :)


  15. The brownie looks amazing :) i'm hungry now, thank you lol


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