Sweet Spot

One of my favorite things about fall.......

Oh wait....hold the phone.....


(Happy dance ensues.....)

....ok, as I was saying....

One of my favorite things about fall is whipping up sinfully sweet baked goods in my kitchen. During the months of October through December, the oven is my BFF. I guess that would make Starbucks my other BFF. Which would make the gym that girl we love to hate.


As much as I'd love to be one of those women who can whip up a flawless flan without so much as glancing at a recipe, well, I ain't.

Newp. I am most decidedly a cookbook kind of gal.

A few of my tried and true favs:

Tartine Cookbook

If I could only have one dessert cookbook in my archive, this would be the one. To say I'm a super-fan would be a tragic understatement. For starters, the book is just plain pretty. The cover is a beauteous collage of pastries and sweets and it's chock full of appetite-inducing photos. Oh, and the recipes are easy to follow, too.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

Just like many of you, I'm a devout reader of Ree Drummond's blog, The Pioneer Woman, and quite frankly, I'd follow this woman to the moon and back. Drummond has a knack for making traditional, American comfort food look oh-so-appealing again. The book is gorgeously illustrated and Ree's signature humor is everpresent.

Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is based on the sweet treats sold the the Hummingbird Bakeries in London. Sixty different recipes are shared within its pages from cupcakes to pies, all super easy and totally delish. This is also one of my favorite cookbooks to display on an easel in my kitchen.

Paula Deen's Just Desserts Cookbook

Oh Paula. Y'all know how much I love her, so it should go without saying that this is one of my favorite dessert cookbooks. The best part about any Paula recipe is that you can buy the ingredients at any small-town grocery store in the middle of Arkansas. You won't find any fancy schmancy spices or $30 cheeses in these recipes; only good, old-fashioned ingredients.

So those are a few of the tomes that I turn to when in need of a good baked something-or-other...but what about you? What is your favorite dessert cookbook?

Lastly but not leastly...(yes, I said leastly...it's a word today.)

Happy 2 day Early Birthday to my wonderful, sweet, handsome amazingsauce boyfriend. He makes my world a better place. Happy 26th, S. And many moreeeee.....

Now ya'll stay out of trouble this weekend. Don't do anything I would do.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. AWeh! I love this post! :)
    Have a fantastic weekend! :)


  2. So glad you shared these! I am definitely a desert gal :) I really have to breakdown and get the PW cookbook already!

  3. Ree is my absolute FAVORITE! her quippy comments on every recipe make my day! And the food... dont get me started on how fabulously yummy it is.. *happy sigh* Have a great weekend!

  4. AH! I need Ree's cookbook. It's been on my wishlist forever! My SIL got me "Bride and Groom: First and Forever Cookbook" as a shower gift and I'm kind of in love with it. It's got easy recipes and more complicated ones, but my favorite recipe... you got it. Chocolate chip cookies with pecans! YUM-O! Hope you have a fab weekend, pretty lady!

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  6. I love Paula! Simple is always best in my book.

  7. A post after my own heart! I am totally with you, fall = baking, and lots of it!

    When I lived in San Francisco, I lived a block away from the lovely Tartine Bakery. Every Saturday I'd have to wake up early and race to the bakery to see if I could snag an amazing goodie.

    By 8:15 a.m. there was a line clear out the door and down the sidewalk about half of a block. I wish i could tell you how amazing their pastries are {no wonder they're always featured on the Food Network!}.

    If you ever find yourself in my old stopping ground, you'll have to drop by for a mixed berry tart of pumpkin cinnamon scone! Yum! :)

  8. That Tartine book looks divine. I must try. I am on the same kick with baking, I want to make it all and yes, I too must follow by the book.
    Happy Bday to your man and enjoy your weekend.

  9. Pioneer women is my fav! :) She never steers you wrong!

  10. Fall cooking is the best. What I love about PW is that she goes so far with so few ingredients!

  11. Oooh, I too am a lover of baking - it's a stress reliever for me! I'm not familiar with Tartine Bakery but I will have to check that book out for sure! Love your blog BTW :)

  12. omg i love the pioneer woman!! she is awesome.
    and paula deen, holy moly!! i love her too. they both make such delish food :)

  13. I wish I was as adventurous as it sounds like you are in the kitchen. I'm just learning... but I'm a PRO at eating dessert. Maybe I could help you "deal with" your creations!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  14. thanks for sharing more cookbooks to add to my kitchen! i know paula adds a stick of butter to everything, but isn't that what makes it so tasty?

    and the pioneer woman is one of my faves! her tres leches cake was so amazing when i made it.

    love your blog!


  15. I love baking and cupcakes are my favorite so I'm gonna have to look for that hummingbird cookbook!

  16. LOVE this post. I'm falling in love with baking right now. AND I am a cookbook gal as well! Thanks for posting these cookbooks...I'm definitely going to try some of them out!

  17. I have Ree's cookbook, but I mostly get my recipes off the internet. I love her site Tasty Kitchen-there are tons of great ones!


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