Big Slice 'O Random

Thursdays have unofficially turned into the day when I spill all of my random thoughts onto 'Ye Olden Laptop (it's a 2006 Gateway with Vista...yeah, I like to stay ahead of the curve...)

This week, the following thoughts have crossed my mind:

1. My soon-to-be niece created a new hair accessory for herself the other night out of a gummie vitamin.

photo via Adventures in Ava-land

This got me to thinking about the time I put a piece of corn (yes, as in "from the cob") up my nose when I was 3. Just for the hey of it. I mean, I've never particularly liked corn and thought my nostrils were a much more well-suited environment for it than my plate.

I remember my mom being very flustered and worried that it wouldn't come out with the tweezers. She also missed a Tupperwear party because she and my dad were busy extracting said corn from my wee little nose. This is why I had flashbacks when I read my future SIL's post about Ava the other night.

2. Do y'all watch the trainwreck otherwise known as Bridalplasty?

Ok, so I love this hot mess. I'm really rooting for Janessa, even though she is as mean as a snake (as my Memaw would say.) Anyone who goes that far out of her way to kill the competition, deserves all the lipo and collagen injections she wants.

3. My attempt to get my Christmas tree down by the second week in January has been a massive fail. Yup, she's still standing right where she was on December 25, 2010. I'm thinking about keeping it up 'til February 14, which is the next major holiday. Makes sense, right?

4. Ok, so a rather funny (and slightly inappropriate) email chain went around my office yesterday discussing what we thought Amy Winehouse carried in her hair poof.

My bets? A fifth of Jack Daniels, carton of Marlboro Reds and some sort of emergency contraceptive.


5. I'm not particularly a veil kind of bride. I don't like fussy things and to me, a veil (although classic and beautiful) would add yet another layer of stress to my day. I like this alternative, the Ban Do headband and head piece. Carrie Underwood actually ordered hers here for her wedding last year!

I love each of these equally and immensely:

What say you on this chilly Thursday?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love the head band! I did NOT want a veil either. It felt too dated. I ended up wearing nothing at all on my head. I too am into bridalplasty...as you know!! It is a hot mess, but can't stop watching. We took our tree down last weekend. Finally! What a relief.

  2. I thought I wasn't a veil girl either - I ended up making my own short bubble veil using russian net lace since I only expected to have it on during the ceremony so didn't want to spend $40-$80 on it - but I ended up keeping it on all night! http://kerryandscott.blogspot.com/2010/12/couple-wedding-pictures.html

    I do love those headbands though - the model is sooo Twiggy!! The headbands kind of remind me of the great headbands Alyssa Milano wore when she got married a few years ago

  3. Oh how I love those headbands! I dont think I'm much of a veil girl either... And girl, you could definitely ROCK a headband like any of those! :) And um, the Christmas tree is totally okay to still be up! Lights and jazz make me feel more festive. ONe house on the street has kept it's lights on, and while at first I was like "seriously?," I am now like "YES! You go!" I dont look forward to the day I drive by and they're off...

  4. i called in sick today and i'm watching constant reruns of the real housewives of beverly hills ... but this post reminded me of when i stuck the gum wrapper up john's nose during the play we went to during the holidays and it got stuck! hilarious! haha xo hope your thursday is wonderful!

  5. I love the bands! Especially the 2nd &
    3rd the best!

  6. I just LOVE those headbands - simply gorgeous! I say decorate the tree in red and pink and play it off as a Valentine's tree! And as for your corn... I once put a button up my nose (and it got stuck - my pooooor parents). XO

  7. great minds think alike. helloooo randomness! :) i loved Carrie Underwood's look at her wedding, and i'm sure whatever you end up doing will be absolutely precious and oh so stylish! happy (almost) friday!

  8. In highschool there was a piece of gun stuck to the back of a movie theater seat that I put my head against...I spent the whole time taking ice and freezing the gum to pick out of my hair instead of enjoying the movie. yuck!

    I really like the headband instead of veil choice. One of my friends did that for her wedding. She looked very classy :)

  9. Okay so all the headbands are in fact fab...but, something about #2 is my fav maybe because its simple and classic and you can pass it down to your daughter or daughter-in- law one day :) The others while fabulous may be out of style (although the big part on #3 could be made into a pin for your daughters bridel bouquet one day but to trendy i think...#2 it is:)


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