Trend Watch Wednesday: {Mane Event}

Models walk the runway at Richie Rich Spring '11
Hi Girls and Guys!

For all of the new readers here, we usually take time out on Hump Day to do some trend watching, hence the name Trend Watch Wednesday or TWW, as it's called around these parts ; )

It's still a few months before spring officially hits, so wearing thin blouses and shorty shorts is out of the question right now (hello 27 degrees!) Howevs, I thought we'd take a look at some hair trends for the warmer months that you can start wearing right now. Many of the same trends that were big last fall are still going to be hot this spring, so keep your teasing combs, ladies!

The Hair Up There

At shows like Richie Rich and Diesel, models clomped down the runway with teased-out-to-there tresses, giving a nod to one hair trend that never ever goes out of style: volume. Coiffed bouffants and beehives, as well as extreme pompadours reached new heights and spectators ran to the nearest drug store to pick up their rat tail combs.

Messy Jessie

Messy, bed-head waves ruled the catwalks at shows like Cynthia Steffee and Thakoon. The undone look has never been so soft or chic, so don't be afraid to give your 'do a little muss before you walk out the door in the morning.

Woven Locks

Remember last summer when braids were all the rage? Well, you might want to brush up on your fishtailing technique, because plaits are back again. Behnaz Sarafpour and Georges Chakra featured braided manes in their shows and critics loved it.

One Sided

Another resounding favorite hair trend of the spring '11 collections was the severe side part. DKNY, Lacoste and Prabal Gurung used the side part to showcase the voluminous necklines and structured collars of their runway looks.

Oh So Low

Catwalkers at Carlos Miele and Carolina Herrera rocked low ponytails; a throwback to some of the spring collections of years past.

I'm With the (Head) Band

Design houses like Rag & Bone accentuated ragamuffin styling by utilizing black bands atop messy updos. At shows like Vena Cava, there was a distinct '70s vibe with winding rolled scarves over updos. One word: LOVE.

Pray tell, what do you think of the hairstyles for spring? Got a fav?

P.S.- All photos courtesy of Marie Claire! Pick up the latest issue if you have a chance...it's good!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. personally, i'm happy to see the messy look is still in! my hair is naturally wavy, and if i scrunch it, it's cute but a little wild :) ha! i've always liked deep side parts, too. so classy and clean!

  2. LOVES the headbands and messy jessies! :) My hair looks exactly like the messy photos, naturally. :) I'm finally in style.

  3. I'm always up for some volume in any hairstyle, so I'm loving the "poofs"! Just wish I could master that hairstyle :) And I'm loving the fact that the wavy, messy look is a "trend." My hair looks like that on a regular basis...well maybe not as cute as theirs, but it's just as messy! I think that if I ever won the lottery, I'd first hire a personal hairstylist. Seriously, that would make my life so much easier :)

  4. You forgot topknots!! (this suggestion may or may not be because I am putting my hair in one now.)

  5. secretly, i've already been rockin the fish tail for about a month. shhh, don't tell on me! xo

  6. LOVE the "woven locks" look!!! :) The voluminous look is well...not something I can do. Blah flat hair. haha.. :)

  7. ditto...if only I could get the voluminous look! Instead, ill rock the low pony :)

  8. love the looks... I like the messy do's and one side part! while reading this post i jumped, i went to school with one of the models! Congrats to her!

    great post!


  9. I am SO envious of all the fabulous volume in this post! I need to learn how to get my hair like that! Gorgeous photos lovey! xoxo

  10. I just found you! Love your blog and I Modern Family. Serioulsy, best comedy since Friends! I'd love for you to check out my Style Files blog :) Still a work in progress :)


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