...and a splash of Random


A little "random" goes along way. Which is why I allow myself only one day a week to purge all of my wandering thoughts onto the virtual paper we call Blog.

Because believe you me, if I didn't put a limit on the randomsauce myself, y'all would have moved on from this blog eons ago, dearies.

Anywho, no sense in delaying the inevitable. It's time for rando talk:

1. So, I met up with my fiancé for a lunchtime workout yesterday. After our exercise sesh, I went into the locker room to shower and change back into my office clothes. I'm putting the finishing touches on my make-up when out of one of the stalls walks this lady NAKED AS A JAILBIRD.

She then proceeds to start doing her own make-up, not 10 feet away from me at the mirror/vanity/bar thingy. Still sans clothing. I hurried up and packed up my gym bag and high-tailed it out of there.This might have been one of the most awkward moments in my entire 26 year life.

2. I tried to think of a clever segue into this blurb, but I got nothin'. Maybe one of these babies would have helped aformentioned naked gymgoer? I got this, The Miraculous® Bra, in fuchsia/hot pink from VS the other night and L.O.V.E. it to pieces. It gives a nice little lift and gives you the option of wearing it crossback or halter style. 

3. Enough about my skivvies, let's talk about gas prices and foreign policy. But not really.

4. I know this news is older than the Ten Commandments, but Lady Gaga has a new single, Born This Way, that I'm all over.  It kept me going and going on the treadmill yesterday and, like every other Gaga song, I probably won't get tired of it.

5. And speaking of Our Fair Lady, did y'all see her roll up to the Grammy's in that egg thing? Hmmm, could be a great solution for those pesky rainy day walks to my office.

6. Got my hair "did" yesterday (thank you Lord for highlights) and, whil'st there, booked my wedding hair appointment. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing my own make-up though. I'm super picky and typically end up looking like a circus clown every time I get make-up done by another person. And I'm not really sure Bozo Chic is the look I'm striving for on The Big Day.

7. I'll end on 7, because it is lucky. Or so they say. Whatevs.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. That happened to me once at the gym! I'm still scarred and it was years ago.

  2. Sarah, I don't think I will ever get that mental picture out of my head- GAH!

  3. Born This Way has been playing in my head NON STOP and Gaga is definitely on the top of my workout playlist. When Bad Romance first came out I think I listened to it 10x in a row while on the treadmill! :D

  4. Haha, your writing cracks me up. I just started following your blog after searching for some Arkansas blogs (I just moved here). Hi!

  5. Ohmygoodness, that naked lady would have scared me away, too! Love your randomness & I love reading your blog!

  6. Naked ladies at the gym always freaks me out!


  7. Oh gosh, you poor thing. Naked ladies at the gym always weird me out. I would not be able to get that image out of my head..blah!

    I will have to check out that bra. I have been in need of a new one.


  8. There are several "naked lady"types at my gym. I don't understand their desire to parade around. I just try not to look!!

  9. I don't like to put on my make-up naked AT HOME - cause I don't want to be lookin' in at the mirror and all..

    I saw the Gaga on GMA this morning and she said she was in that egg for three days... really? Did she get out to use the bathroom?

  10. That "naked lady" at the gym happened to me once! It's hard to erase it from your memory!!!

    I haven't heard Lady Gaga's new single.. Oops!

    I did my own makeup for my wedding as well. For the very same reasons. I thought I looked fine. HA! Who knows if I actually did.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy this weather! =)

  11. EEEEKKK to the naked lady! Clothing is NOT optional, even at the gym. And I'm just loving the new Lady Gaga song too - such fun!

  12. What about nails? Have you decided on your wedding nail polish color? I'm all about non-traditional... I wore OPI Los Angeles Latte for my wedding in 1999.

  13. I LOVE Lady Gaga! I'm going to see her in concert in March. Sooo excited!
    #5 made me laugh out loud :)

  14. Do we go to the same gym????

    Because their are a half dozen women who must REALLY love their bodies and want the WHOLE world to see them.

    My awkward gym moment:

    There is a huge shower area with about 5 showers that are individual stalls with curtains and about 3 showers that are just out in the open.

    I was in one of the stalls, and I got done showering, thought I was the only one in there, opened the curtain, and BOOM! Nakedness everywhere! I mean really? Reallllyy??

    There were 4 other unoccupied stalls but I think she wanted to share her goodies with the world that day apparently? Weird.

    **So glad I'm not the only one creeped out! ;)

  15. Oh geez - That sounds scary! I love your random Thursday. Always good for a laugh and a smile. Thank you.

  16. I always end up walking into the gym locker room at the exact moment to see a naked woman cross my path.

  17. EHH Naked ladies freak me out :(

  18. you´re so cute....
    beautiful blog!!

  19. I really believe that the women who walk around naked in the locker rooms just want attention. So I pretend like it doesn't bother me at all and pay them no attention what so ever.


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