So I Says...

Forgive the grammatically incorrect title. The boy and I watched Ben Affleck's The Town last night and some of the characters' Bostonian accents must have rubbed off : )

I won't lie. The last two days of no work and sleeping in have been pure bliss. I could stand some more of this snow and ice, I think. It's probably a good thing we were able to dig out today though, because I think S, Ari and I were all getting a little stir crazy!

As you all know, Thursdays are dedicated to randomness, so here goes:

1. Some pics from the last two days.

My two favorite guys chillaxin' on Tuesday night : )

The Handsome Devil known as Ari

The start of the snow

A healthy pancake and bacon breakfast.

Getting our protein : )

This guy was pretty happy to be out in the snow!

2. We watched all of our Redbox rentals within about 5 hours of the first snow day, so last night, S and I poured ourselves a drink and tuned in for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2 hour reunion special. What can we say? We love crazy. A couple of observations: 1) How much collagen can one have injected into her lips before they explode?; 2) I kind of want to punch Taylor's hubby in the face. A gem, that man.

3. Did y'all notice the poll on my right sidebar? You see, I look at this blog as OURS, not necessarily mine. Therefore, I'd like to put content out there that YOU want to read. If y'all are completely over the fitness/diet stuff or if you can't get enough of the fashion, this is your chance to let me know. Also, I'm taking suggestions for future posts.

If you have a great idea for a future post (any topic but politics, religion and money), I'd love to hear all about it.

Please give your opinion. You won't win any prizes, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that "your vote counted"! Please and thank you.

4. I do believe that I've found my wedding hairstyle. I love this low, slightly undone side bun. It's pretty fuss-free and will look good with any dress style. Thoughts, opinions or other suggestions?

5. I need a good, winter moisterizer. I normally use Clinique Moisture Surge, but I really need something a little more, well, moisterizing right now with the dry air. Seriously girls, my skin looks (and feels) parched. Any suggestions for products under $60 (my ceiling for cosmetics)? I've heard Estee Lauder's Hydrationist is excellent. Have any of y'all tried it?

And that, folks, is all I've got.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. love the town! the boston accent is definitely something interesting..i know, because I've got it! haha :)

    I love that hairstyle on Audrina..it seems easy to do and not something you're gonna have to worry about all night! wicked cute choice girl!

    xoxox love the pics..glad you guys enjoyed the snow! I was also watching (and envying) the real housewives of BH. cannot get over how much $$ they have!!! Taylor's husband needs to be divorced STAT.

  2. I love low buns like that. I think that will look great. I don't like hair that looks too "done".

  3. I think the low bun will look awesome! I did a low bun that was slightly to the side for my wedding day and I got tons of compliments on it. It is classy-and its out of your way for the entire day-which trust me-is a big deal! :)

    LOVE your blog!

  4. I love that first hair style!! I am in desperate need of some wedding hair options, since I am in two weddings this spring!

  5. Hope you guys are staying warm :) LOVE the side bun too. GREAT choice!

  6. Love the bun. And honestly, I LOVE EL Hydrationist. They have several different levels of moisturizers, but I use this one year-round. I have very dry skin and I even use this stuff in the summer. Very good investment. You will also see an improvement in your overall complexion. My favorite by far!

  7. Loving the low side messy bun! (That's my technical term for it :)) I was in a wedding last summer and had my hair done like that and I LOVED it! It was fun, cute, and didn't look like it was shellacked to my head!

    I also had a few snowed in days with my love (about a month ago) and it was so fun. We had fun cooking new things, watching movies and playing wii. Enjoy this time, it's hard to repeat it!

  8. Love that low bun, it would look fabulous on you!

  9. Man, I wish we were snowed in here in Florida! Sounds like you had a great few days off. The side bun is gorgeous. My friend did that for her wedding and it looked amazing!

  10. Welp, here we go...

    A) I love it when you share photos! It's so fun to feel like we're having a girly catch up sesh! ;)

    B) You are going to look gorgeous in whatever hair-do you choose, I'm positive!

    C) I can't believe I missed Real Housewives reunion! Mayeb my DVR magically recorded it for me??

    D) I have the same dry skin problem and I've literally tried EVERYTHING. The best thing I've found? Olay Regenerist Night Cream!! It's an overnight moisturizing treatment and I seriously wake up in the morning feeling like I have a mini facial. Soft, amazing baby skin (finally!). Plus, with a sticken price of around $18-20, it's amazing!

  11. I'm a new follower :)

    I love the low messy bun...

    Stay safe and warm in that snow out there!!

  12. Oh I love this post! Hope you're staying warm inside my love. Your dog is just precious!


  13. 1. Being snowed in for two days was pretty eventful on my end too. ha! We didn't Redbox anything but by noon on day one we wished we would have.

    2. I love that low bun! My dress was strapless and girl's got wide shoulders. I wasn't going to wear my hair in a way that made them look even wider! ha!

    3. I use Cetaphil. It's like $10 at Target. I normally use it a few times a week and that's all I really need. It's very good at keeping my skin moisturized and it's great on sensitive skin.

    Enjoy snow day number 3 (if you get another one) I'm back at work today!! :D

  14. Long Hair - Does it look more professional up or down?

    I've got some job interviews coming up so I'm asking around! :)

  15. Looove the RHOBH drama! I hope they do a second season! Russell is a HUGE jerk. I can't believe he told Mauricio to forward him the nude pics. What a loser!

    Love the side bun :)

  16. Ari is so pretty! She reminds me of my Fancy girl! I just love the bun like that! What a great choice!


  17. I have a German Shepherd too! Blitz loves the snow as well. And the hair is a great choice. I pondered that for my wedding. It would look great on you!

  18. Love the low bun hairstyle. I think it would be gorgeous for a bride. The pancakes look yummy! As for moisturizer, I use Aloette's Cellular Day Defense with SPF15 for day and Advanced Night Recovery Pro Face Cream with Revivaderm for night. I'm a bit of a skincare snob so I only use Aloette skin care products, but I LOVE them!

  19. The hydrationist never impressed me when I received a sample last year, but the winter weather is drying my skin as well. I'm tired of investing in products that don't deliver, so, after reading the rave reviews, I bought this: Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream.

  20. Your German is tooo cute!
    Your so lucky to have snow, it's just wet and cold where I live.. bleh!
    And that bun is really pretty, wish I could pull something like that off!

  21. Hi, just checking out your blog. I actually work for Clinique and Moisture Surge is wonderful but if you need a little more I would recommend Superdefense for Dry skin or Dry combination skin (your consultant can determine that!). It is perfect for young skin and has an spf of 25!!!

  22. That's almost exactly what my wedding hair looked like! I could send you a picture if you would like to see a blonde version of the 'do!

  23. Love this Hair do! Gorgeous!!!!!

  24. I too, was having to find a new cream, my skin was soo dry and I do exfoliate....I bought Nivia Expert lift for eyes and the night cream (I use the night cream for day also)...AHHH I have my skin back...I was surprised and they are 24$ each at walmart. worth a try!

  25. I use Ponds cream moisturizer-it has a blue lid. Works like a charm and is super inexpensive!

    I love the hairstyle you picked out, but I like the first pic better than the second. The bun is a little large in the second one and sort of oddly placed right next to her ear.


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