Trend Watch Wednesday: {Channeling Bianca}

Freja Beha Erichsen Vogue Nippon, August 2010

We all want that vintage vibe in our wardrobe, right? I mean, for all the shag carpeting and heinous floral print couches, the early 70s did produce some pretty sexy style; style that we all want to emulate now; style that had designers like Ferragamo and Elie Tahari buying up all the faux fur, suede and fringe for their spring 2011 collections the textile manufacturers could produce.

But don’t go digging out your mom’s bell bottoms just yet. This reinterpretation of 70s style is less Boho and more chic. The key is to pair each 70s-inspired piece with modern accessories, hair styles and make-up.

Daytime 70s Styling at Chloe

Elie Tahari

There’s definitely an underlying confidence to wearing “the Seventies.” Even a more understated look needs to be carried off with an air of sexuality and a sense of defiant independence. In other words, this isn’t a trend for the faint of heart.

Vintage Bianca Jagger

By day, the 70s look is all about voluminous silhouettes and neutral color palettes:

• Look for high waisted pants with wider legs

• Seek tops with blouson sleeves and neat, bow collars

• Look for shades the size of saucers

70s Evening Glamour at Ferragamo

For night:

• Choose high sheen fabrics with a disco edge; lurex or silk is perfect, or anything with a metallic thread

• Forget silver. True 70s girls love gold, so consider that when accessorizing.

• Long gowns with draping, low necklines and high slits are super sexy and totally Studio 54-worthy.

Ready to channel your inner Bianca Jagger? Proceed, if you dare.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. For sure! I love seventies inspired clothing. Great post!

  2. that last dress is gorgeous...now i just need to find an event to wear it to and oh, probably a few years' salary to get my hands on it. hah!

  3. So cute! I don't usually like runway fashion, but these looks just seem more casual chic, I like it!

  4. I LOVE the high waisted pants, but they're so hard for me to wear with my height and curves... Any suggestions??

  5. Love this style trend! Looking forward to adding some key pieces in my Spring wardrobe! :) Keep it up! Love your blog!

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. I can't get enough '70s in my closet!

  7. LOVE Bianca Jagger and all things 70's. High-waisted paints don't suit me, but I feel like wearing a standard waist, wide leg pant s gives a similar feel. Great post! XO



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