Stir Crazy: A Photoshoot and A Video

Collage by A Blonde Ambtition; photos via We Heart It

Gracious be. Thankfully I was able to make it to work today, because after two days of being snowed in, I was pretty stinkin' ready to get out of the house . I'm all about a light dusting of beauteous, winter snow, but good Lord- we got a whopping two feet!

Anywho, you guys took a poll last week about what you'd like to see more of on A Blonde Ambition. An overwhelming 90% of you said you'd like to see more personal pics and posts of moi. I heard you loud and clear, so consider this the start of an attempt to blog more personally.

I was postively bored yesterday, so I did a little video for y'all. I know I always wonder what you guys look/sound like, so I thought I'd let you guys hear me.  Plus I wanted to tell y'all thanks for the amazing support lately rather than write it in words. Let me preface this by saying I HATE the way I sound on camera.

I also decided to take some random photos in my super awesome snow-day workout apparel (sans the actual workout part.) Remember my thought about doing an Outfit of the Week post. Yeah, this would be the first "outfit", haha.

Zip-up by New Balance, cropped running leggings by Old Navy, socks by Hanes Her Way. Hair and make-up by Leslie.

Got some new lipstick last week and L-O-V-E it. It's from Lancome and the shade is Crushed Rose. Thought I'd show you.
Being redonkulous.

I think my efforts at the gym are paying off! Notice my trim(ish) midsection. Sort of. Eh??

Anywho, Wednesday morning I got some snow pics of my boys. You can see just how deep it was! Oh and another video where I sound like a complete hillbilly : )

Mr. Ari

...with his fav toy

So deep!

My fiance is 6 ft. tall. The snow hit his knees. You do the math.

So as you can see, we've been up to a lot of nothing. Which, in essence, really isn't all that bad. I can think of worse ways to spend a couple of weekdays. The Kate Walsh interview will be up here on Monday in its entirety, so come by and sit for a bit.

Have a good weekend.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I TOTALLY imagined you sounding WAY more southern than you do. Love the video! Keep them coming. And congrats on Kate Walsh!!

  2. Ari looks at the camera about as well as Ava does! :) Super cute post! Glad you are out and about today. Can't wait for 2 weeks from tomorrow! Seriously craving some away time!! Hope y'all have a great weekend! I need an update of all the wedding plans soon! xoxo!

  3. You're adorable!! :) Stay safe and warm with all that snow! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. I am from Florida so this post with all that snow is just crazy to me...stay warm!!

  5. very cute, leslie! loved "getting to know you" a little bit more - so excited to see what's next for this blog :)

  6. Just discovered your blog! love it. WOW- that's a lot of snow! I am a southern girl too- I wouldn't even know what to wear in that much snow! lol!

  7. You are just adorable! Stay warm and snuggly in all that snow and have a wonderful weekend! XO

  8. You are too cute! I was so shocked that you didn't have a giant southern accent! I don't know why. People in NC have really thick accents (to me) and I live here, but am not FROM here, so people are always shocked that I don't have an accent. :)

    You're really beautiful!

  9. I love when people post videos! It's great to hear more about your life and what you've been up to!

  10. Oh gracious - what in the world did Arkansas do with all that snow?

  11. Love the video! You are a real person!! Thanks for sharing. I know you will still hate it even after I say this but your voice sounds just fine!!

  12. yay for a video - ironically enough i just posted my first video too, or rather the vlog, lol! you are darling and so excited for you with your upcoming happy things with the blog! stay warm in all of this snow!


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