{Cat}walk the Plank

This week, my style intern and fabulous protege Lindy is going to take the reigns for this trend-tastic TWW. She's good, so y'all need to be on the lookout for this rising star in the blogosphere S.T.A.T.

Without any further hoo-haw, here is lovely Lindy!


As everyone knows, fashions are constantly changing. I’ve always tried to keep up with trends but I’ve come to realize, sometimes what’s trendy is NOT always cute. I went from wearing heinous platform tennis shoes in elementary school, to baggy cargo pants and fake glasses in middle school. Then came spaghetti straps and ripped jeans in high school, and now I’m at flowy tops and skinny jeans in college. Not everyone gets it right, and it definitely takes a lot of practice, but once you find your signature style you have to OWN IT.

Reading Seventeen Magazine and watching the O. C. used to be my way of keeping up with trends, but I’ve never followed them as much as I do now. The toolbar on my Mac is packed with fashion blog after fashion blog, and after they were all voraciously read more than once, I came to the conclusion that SPRING STYLES HAVE FINALLY SPRUNG. One of my personal favorites for spring 2011 was the catwalk adorned with Whitney Eve’s new line.

Whitney Eve

I’ve always loved Whitney Port. Her simplistic girly style is something that I constantly try to emulate (ever since I first watched her on The Hills) and I was more than excited to see her line for Spring 2011. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The Whitney Eve collection is composed of chic pastels and feminine silhouettes that combine the eccentricity of New York City, with the go-with-flow attitude of Los Angeles.

The line is composed of striped patterns, animal prints (which are still on the prowl this season) and bright color combinations. Port’s inspiration came from the need to make wearable clothes for girls of every shape and size, while still keeping them comfortable and trendy. What girl doesn’t want to look girly and comfy? I’ll tell you, not a single one I know.

The way the Whitney Eve collection pairs belled out, just-above-the-knee skirts with billowy tops is ideal for a girl of any age, any career, on any day this spring, and it made me want to immediately see the other pieces of the collection. The chic design of the Whitney Eve line is a MUST HAVE for spring and I’m pretty sure I can hear your closet begging for some of these signature pieces right now, don’t you?

Diane Von Furstenberg

Ohhh Diane Von Furstenberg. There are many obvious reasons why she is so well known. Her fashion can transcend the turns of time, and that’s no less true for her spring 2011 line. The chic patterns that appeared on the skinny models of the catwalk made me wish two things- Number one: that I could wear glamorous clothes like these and look as stunning as they do, and number two: that I owned almost every single thing they had on.

The collection paired parallel patterns together with a carelessness that I would die to imitate. Diane Von Furstenberg’s line was made up of coupling of bold and subtle patterns that were inspired by an Isadora Duncan retrospective that Diane, and her pattern in crime Yvan Mispelaere, caught a glimpse of when they were together in Paris. The collection featured striking patterns, DVF’s signature cinched waistline, and perfectly tailored shorts. The arrangement of browns and greens together made Diane’s line look deliciously perfect for spring, and I’m not just saying that because those are the colors of the Starbucks logo, but because they were the colors of many short and cardigan combos. And who doesn’t love that? I know, for one, that every girl in the Maddox family loves a short and cardigan arrangement and once you see this line for spring 2011, I’m almost positive you will, too!


  1. All those patterns are WILD! Love it!

  2. I love Whitneys dress on the far right!! It is so soft and pretty!!

  3. I love Whitney Eve!!! :) She is the quintessential "I can wear trends well and look classy" younger designer. :) Love it!

  4. i love whitney she is soooo gorgeous!

  5. Whitney is my style icon!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


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