Interview with Miss Walsh: Highlights

Hi, lovelies! So I bounded out of bed this morning about to explode in anticipation of sharing the awesome interview I got to do with Kate Walsh yesterday! Kate graciously took some time out from shooting on the Private Practice set yesterday to talk to some bloggers yesterday (including moi!!) about her new fragrance, Boyfriend!

And yes, she was ON the PP set when we spoke. How cool, right?!

Kate's team will be sending me a full transcript of the interview in a couple of days, but I wanted to first share a few highlights with you girls and boys:

-First off, she was so nice! I've never really gotten to talk to a celebrity before, especially for AN HOUR, but she was incredibly down-to-earth, funny and genuine. You could tell right off the bat just how much she cared about her new fragrance endeavor. I can say without a doubt now that Kate Walsh has to be one of the busiest women in Hollywood.

-One of my favorite questions that I got to ask Kate:

Me: "So it seems that a lot of what Boyfriend is about is feeling sexy. What is the go-to item in your closet when you want to feel dead sexy?"

Kate: "I love skirts and dresses and heels! So many times when we are in that Alpha Female position, a career woman so to speak, we don't get a chance to dress super feminine. I love to dress up in skirts and a killer pair of heels!"

-Kate mentioned that her fragrance was inspired by the scent of an ex-boyfriend. Following a break-up with a former bf, Kate ran out to the department store in search of a men's fragrance because she missed having his scent around. The idea hit her that, in essence, just because you don't have an actual, physical boyfriend, doesn't mean you can't have a delicious, masculine scent around. A masculine scent made specifically for a woman. You.

And the genius idea for Boyfriend was born.

-The perfume is multi-layered with floral topnotes and musky, darker undertones. It is also made specifically to blend and layer well with any other fragrances. It is a subtle, sexy scent that doesn't really "announce its presence", but rather slowly introduces itself in a room. Nice!

-The idea for the vintage train case in which the product comes was inspired by her favorite old movies that inspired her to become an actress. Cool, huh?

It was a surreal, exciting experience to talk to Kate and I'm so grateful to her and the amazing team at Digital Media Management that made this possible.

I'll have the full interview/transcript very soon (hopefully tomorrow or Monday), so be SURE to stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, Kate is launching a brand new series of viral videos today called "Dont Let This Happen to You", in conjunction with the other videos for the Boyfriend brand. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Check 'em out!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I DIE! OMG. Seriously, you just lived out one of my dreams! I adore Kate Walsh, and all things Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice! And I seriously love the idea behind "Boyfriend"...I'm definitely going out to get a bottle now that I've read this. Can't wait to hear the whole convo, I know it was amaaaaazing! I feel honored to know you, Ms. Leslie!

  2. I want to smell this. I love her and I'm so jealous that you got to interview her. :)

  3. How exciting!!! =)

    I now want to try this scent.

  4. very VERY cool. i love the idea that it's a masculine scent for women - i'm not always a fan of the super floral-y and fruity scents. great question about the go-to item, miss leslie! looking forward to reading more :)

  5. Can't wait to read the full interview!

  6. So neat that you got to chat w/ her! When CK1 first came out in the early 90s, I was all over it and loved the idea of men and women being able to wear the same fragrance. Her new fragrance is such a neat idea!

  7. How awesome! Great question :)

    Can't wait to read the whole interview!

  8. This is so awesome!! I cant WAIT to smell her fragrance b/c that sounds like something I'd love! I cant stand overly floral stuff or really strong stuff.. It has to be somewhat girly, but somewhat spicy, but somewhat masculine.. haha! (a little picky). I have a fragrance I love, but definitely worth a sniff! :)

    And this is so cool that she talked to you for an HOUR and was so candid and honest! I love that. I already loved her but this makes me love her more! :) Good job on the interview, girl! Can't wait to read more!

  9. That's awesome! So happy for you! I can't wait to smell this. I love masculine scents.

    Congrats to you, again.

  10. What a fantastic opportunity! Glad you had a blast. I can't wait to smell her new fragrance!

  11. jealous!! how fun was that interview?? I can't wait to smell her fragrance, I'm sure its awesome!

  12. How exciting! Congrats on your interview! I am sure the fragrance smells delish.

  13. So excited for you! Can't wait to read the rest of the interview! And I'm dying to smell! :)

  14. Congrats on such an honor, girlfriend! How cool was that? And THANK YOU for filling all of us faithful readers in too!

    I'm excited to go buy a bottle now - yum!

  15. So exciting! and a genius idea! Seriously, I love the smell of guys its kinda weird but its so comforting I feel like.

  16. What a fabulous story behind the scent! I want to go smell it now... And congrats on your brush with celebrity - so exciting!

  17. That is SO exciting and from what you said she just seems so lovely.


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