Hats Off

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Well, actually hats on. Definitely, definitely on.

Floppy hats, cloche hats and straw fedoras are major this spring and summer. I plan to buy one of each kind and wear the mess out of 'em...and this is coming from a baseball-cap-only girl.


The gorgeous lids that we're seeing this season are so chic and so cheap - that is, if you know where to buy them! Stores like Forever 21 and even Payless are stocking some presh hats right now, so be sure to partake while the gettin's good.

Blake and Cammie...gorgeous, with or without the hats. (But the hats are adorbs, no?)

I can wait to sport a fabulous floppy hat a 'la  Brigitte Bardot this spring and summer! How about y'all?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love love love hats! Fedoras are my fav!


  2. I'm really obsessed with Fedoras at the moment! I just discovered you're blog.. so awesome! LOVE it. Excited to be a new follower :o)

  3. I bought the cutest fedora from Banana last year and wear it 24/7 in the summer! :)

  4. I'm having a Kentucky Derby party this year JUST so I can buy a giant hat - love hats!

  5. okay I need a hat now! ahh! Hope you are feeling well and doing okay...been thinking about you and praying for you :) xoxo Becky

  6. Love the hats, so not sure I can pull them off. Wish I could.

  7. I wore my Fedora on the regs last summer! Best way to cover up not so pretty hair days! Big floppy ones are perfect for keeping the sun away while laying out by the pool@

  8. I am smitten with the fedoras - my only issue is that SO is my husband. He has three now. And the issue comes into play is will we look silly walking together both wearing these [minus when we're at the beach]. I really need to find one that is a style all my own. My issue is I have a big head, or maybe it's all my hair either way I have to shop in the mens department. Which is ok, I can always dress the bands up however I like right?

  9. Loving all the wonderful hats you posted today. I'm in need of finding a few cute hats that I can wear to work and out and about having just undergone chemo and radiaiton for breast cancer. Also, I am a hugh fan of your blog and have been following for quite sometime. It's always great to find local bloggers in the same area you live in....have to love NWA and Razorbacks!!

    Have a great day!


  10. I am definitely obsessed with large floppy hats. Great picks! xo


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