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via Belle Boutique, Rogers, AR

I love to shop - it's no secret. And approximately half of the emails I get on a weekly basis pertain to shopping and my recommendations for stores, both locally and online. So I thought a great way to keep you guys in the loop on my retail stomping grounds would to be to create a page called, (unorginally, I might add) Shop With Me.

I've always had a unique, 'works for me' approach to shopping, or as I like to call it, "closet feeding".

Hey, my closet is a hungry girl. And a girl's gotta eat, right? : )


1. When it comes to shopping and styling, I prefer to buy and mix "investment pieces" with inexpensive items for a personal style philosophy I like to call "High/Low".

Shirt - Old Navy, Earrings- BaubleBar, Jeans-Hudson, Shoes- Nine West

2. I also shop on a budge. As cutie-patootie stylist Brad Goreski would say, "A low budge". I've never been one to turn up my nose at a clearance rack or a sample sale and I'm also a consignment store enthusiast. I also like to buy items at the end of a season. Retailers have crazy-awesome markdowns as seasons draw to a close because they're trying to move merchandise out of the store to make room for the next season's inventory.

3. Finally, I always encourage my friends to shop locally. Local stores are a gold mine of great pieces that are not only unique, but often times more affordable than those offered at a chain vendor. Plus, local boutiques tend to carry very limited numbers of each piece, guaranteeing that you won't see twenty other women walking down the street in the same top you're wearing, (how awkward is that moment, right?)


Check out my fancy-dancy new Shop With Me page to check out the complete list of my favorite vendors! These are people and stores that I really, truly have purchased items from and really, truly adore.

Finally, if you visit one of the boutiques on the Shop With Me page or buy from them via Facebook,  please let them know I sent you! Any business owner likes to know where their traffic comes from, so just let 'em know that Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition blog sent ya : )

Thank ya kindly, little ladies : )

Be blessed, lovelies-

P.S. - There will be Confessional Friday Link-Up tomorrow. Still hard to blog right now because my energy is tapped from the surgery, but I can't resist this fun segment!)

P.P.S.- NWA Fashion Week is going on up here this week and it's killing me that I'm not able to go! If any of you guys go to the shows this week, please email me pics and I'll put them up here on the blog next week! Get your schedule for the rest of the week's shows, here.


  1. Can you please tell me where I can find the shoes you posted in your high/low post. I love them.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    The link to the shoes is:


  3. I'm just catching up on reading, and I'm so glad that you are doing well after surgery! You have an amazing support system behind you. I've just opened a link to check out all the stores you listed. Makes me miss NWA! Have fun walking the catwalk!

  4. I am a big believer in "high/low" shopping and am so glad you wrote about it! I always love hearing from girls who aren't label snobs and love to rock their H&M with their Louboutins!

  5. I think I'm gonna love shopping with you!! I love the hi low concept.
    : ) Hope your recovery is going well.

  6. Great blog! I agree with you on sale shopping. I have found some pretty good deals and some of my favorite finds on sale. And shopping locally is great too. Love supporting small businesses. I'm in Louisiana...not far from you!



  7. I'm with you on mixing high and low. Most of my bags and staple items are higher-end because I know I'll have them forever. Shirts and trends? I'm all over Forever21!


  8. NOT a judgement, just a simple question. Do/did you ever put together an outfit that is truly "on a budget?" I mean, lots of us can't afford to buy jeans that cost $154. Do you ever wear an outfit that cost you, I don't know, $25 total? (Not counting, of course, if it was given to you.) Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm just wondering.

    Glad you're doing well! :)

  9. Sarah- Not implying that everyone needs to run out and purchase $154, that is expensive. Heck, I have to save for a couple months to buy those things : ) I was trying to demonstrate how you can pair investment items, like the jeans, with less expensive items for a total look. If you have tips for putting together an entire outfit for $25, I'd be completely on board for trying : )

  10. love the single sleeve dress, gorgeous pattern!



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