The Weekend I Almost Became a Supermodel

Via my Pinterest by The Fashion Doctor

...but instead ended up in the E.R. of Arkansas Children's Hospital with throbbing pain at the incision site of my recent surgery.

And just like that, my would-be career as Northwest Arkansas' Next Top Model was done.

This weekend, the hubs and I had plans to walk the runway at NWA Fashion Week for Mason's, but all that changed around noon on yesterday. I started having some weird shooting pains and lots of aching around the incision and, after consulting with a doctor at ACH via phone, decided to head on down to Little Rock and get it checked out.

I'm not going to lie. I bawled my eyes out about missing Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. As Stephen drove with the stealth and speed of an Indy 500 racer, I sat shotgun, sputtering and sobbing about how I must have done something terrible in another life to have had this surgery and recovery coincide with Fashion Week. Karma had finally caught up with me. And with a vengeance.

So there it was, Fashion Week; come and then gone, faster than one can say 'suture'.

And I missed the whole fabulous, friggin' thing.

I looked at a few pics from the grand finale on Facebook this morning (the portion we were slated to be a part of), but I had to quit. It looked amazing. And if there's one thing I live for, it's 'amazing'.

And I hate missing out on fun, especially fun that involves stilettos and champagne and gobs of eyeliner.


I'll be honest. I've been a little down lately.

I feel like I've been stuck in this house for two weeks now and it's starting to get to me. I mean, you know you've got a massive case of cabin fever when you actually look forward to going to follow-up appointments at the doctor's office (!!)

My emotions have been crazy; up and down and sideways and backwards.  I'll cry at the drop of a hat then moments later, I'm fine again. I've heard this is extremely common after you've had general anesthesia, because it takes quite a while to get out of your system. I've had lots of surgeries in my life, but I've never experienced mood swings quite like with this one. According to the resident in the E.R. last night, the older the patient, the harder it is to get out of the after-surgery 'funk' that is so common.

No wonder kiddos bounce back so quickly.

Thank GOD for Twitter and this blog or....oh Lordy...who knows what state of mind I'd be in.

I miss being able to put on cute clothes that don't have to button-up the front. I miss being able to wash and style my own hair. I miss driving.

Driving. That is a small luxury that we take for granted until we rely on others to get us from place to place.

I'm incredibly blessed to have friends and family that have gotten me through the past couple of weeks, but I'm dying for things to return to normal. Or at least our 'normal'. After all, everyone has a different definition of that.

Okay, that's my melancholy monologue of the day. (Can you hear the tiny violins playing in the background?)


If you're a new reader and this is your first time stopping by, my most sincere apologies. I promise it's usually oodles more upbeat around here.

But I needed to vent and get that off my chest. My sore and throbbing and steri-stripped chest.


Here's hoping for participation in next year's NWAFW...may the gods of fashion make it so.

After all, I'm 27 years old and have few good modeling years left in me ; )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. so sorry that you had to miss fashion week, and more sorry that you were in pain + not feeling well :( why do things always happen at the worst time?! the most important thing is that you are healthy though - and I'm sure you will be strutting that runway next year or maybe even sooner!!

  2. So sorry you're feeling down...recovery is a long, lonely road. Getting your feelings out will help you get through this. Know all of your blog world friends are thinking about you. Hang in there, before you know it you'll be back to your cheery, adorable self!!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I am so sorry that you had to miss Fashion Week. I hope that you heal quickly, and know you will rock the runway next year.

  4. Leslie-- I must of missed the post where you said you were having surgery, and what you were having the surgery for?

    Hope you cheer up! Pet your fur babies sometimes all you need is right around you (even though you missed fashion week) :)

  5. I hate to hear that you missed fashion week! I know that you were looking so forward to it! I hope that you start to feeling like Leslie again soon!

  6. aww leslie! i am so sorry that you missed fashion week, i know how bummed you must be! and i really hate it that you're feeling bad. i know its tough to depend on people and not be able to do your normal thing, but try to take it easy so you can heal properly! hope you feel better soon.

  7. I am so sorry you missed fashion week, friend!! :( But I am SO glad you're okay, girl! As if surgery wasnt crappy enough, now this.. .blah. I hope you're feeling like a rockstar...(or model) again in no time! :) XOXO!

  8. thanks for being real, leslie. i'm so sorry that you had to miss out this weekend.

  9. What a bummer! I will continue to pray for your recovery! Take care of yourself!

  10. Geez, Les. I've missed you. I know this post wasn't easy to write, but it's so good to hear honesty. I can only imagine how tough the past few weeks have been for you...chin up, my dear. You're wonderful and fabulous and the worst has passed. I am so proud of you and so glad that you've come through all of this like a rockstar. So sorry that you didn't get to participate this weekend...I know how excited you were about it! Did they figure out why your incision was causing so much trouble? I sure hope they didn't have to give you another IV :( Love you sweet girl, and if you need a personal nurse to take care of you for a bit, you know who to call :) Praying for you always. Don't forget how much precious you are!

  11. Awww Leslie I am so sorry! I know you were looking forward to it and I really wish there was something I could do to make ya feel a bajillion times better! I'm praying for ya girl! Keep that chin up & head held high you'll be back doin your thang before ya know it!

  12. Oh girl, I am so sorry you are down in the dumps. I am praying for you! You are far to happy to be going thru this...I want Leslie back! :) LOVE YOU!

  13. I think I missed the post why you were having surgery?

    I know you are sad about missing fashion week but there is ALWAYS next year, your health is more important! I hope you feel better soon! :)

  14. So sorry to hear that you missed out on Fashion Week, as I know you would have been great! But, at the same time, very glad to hear that you are ok, too:) I've been through the whole post-surgery thing, and I know how hard it can be - especially the whole not being able to style your own hair thing. So tough! Hang in there. Things will get better soon!

  15. So sorry, sister! :( I know you were so looking forward to this. Hopefully there will be more chances in the future! Hope you are doing better today. Praying still. You know where to find me if you need to talk! Love you!

  16. You just made me feel so much more at peace about my mood(s) in the past few weeks! I am going through recovery for ACL surgery and I have been an emotional wreck, whether it's crying over the smallest things to being outright mean (my poor bf) and it's exhausting. It crushes me that walking is now an accomplishment and I won't be my normal self for 6+ months.

    I definitely haven't felt myself AT ALL and that's such an unsettling thing to go through for this long. Always glad to know that there's someone going through the same things and it will only continue to get better from here! All of the pain and struggling will be worth it in the end. Best of luck with your recovery! Always enjoy reading your blog.

  17. So sorry you missed the big show! What a bummer. Hopefully there will be an opportunity for you to walk next year. Like you said; you are still a young thang! Hope you get back to yourself soon. Hang in there let your body do it's healing and you will be back to doing up do's in no time.

  18. Awe :( So sorry you missed it but I am glad you are OK and that is what matters the most! We will look forward to next year and seeing your beautiful ageless self and you'll look just as fabulous! <3 ya!

  19. I'm sorry you missed out on the Fashion Week :( But I am glad you're doing OK. Just give yourself time and relax. Let your body heal and your mind will follow! ox

  20. What a bummer! I'm so sorry, friend!

    I totally can relate to getting cabin fever post medical -emergency. Two years ago next month I had my own terrible luck and severe cabin fever anxiety.

    Maybe you're hunny can take you out for a small outing? Hope your day is filled with unexpected cheer and love! Praying for you still - hang in there!

  21. That is such a bummer, but you are so fabulous, I know something else will come your way. Everything happens for a reason, so just hang in there!!

  22. Aww, bless your heart!!

    Don't fret though, I just know that you will be rocking the latest pink/bright/pastel-y/neon fashions in fabulous form in no time :)

  23. Awe feel better girlie!!! You can do the show next year & you're so pretty anyway you're already a fashion model!!! Hang in there!!

    Xx Kelly

  24. Hoping you feel better soon! I know the feeling!


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