Thursdays are for...Being Random

Because we talked about hats yesterday...and I thought this was cute.

Because we haven't had one of these in a while...I present to you, fair readers...Random Thursday Ramblings.

1) I have no appetite this time of year! Like, nothing sounds good. I also have no motivation to cook, whatsoever. I feel like we cook the same things over and over again and, although I want to change up our culinary repertoire, all I'm craving lately are salads...and the hubs is a meat and potato kind of guy.

How will we overcome? (Lamenting...it's what we do at A Blonde Ambition.)

2) Peyton Manning is going to the Broncos. Timmy's going to the Jets (maybe??) The Saints coaches are being suspended. Good heavens, what the hoodle is going on with professional football right now? I just want college football back. Great plays, more action, legit love of the game from the players, less drama...I miss it.

That is all.

3) Every stinkin' thing I ordered from V.S. (see my Monday post) was too big, too long or both. So I will return said items and try again. Never give up on clothing, ladies. Eventually, the heavens will open, the sun will shine down and your Kate Flare Pants in Coconut Milk White will fit like a glove.

4) I'm having a photoshoot with the amazing-pants Maliah Pinkleton on Saturday to showcase some clothing on here from McAuley's. I can't wait to show y'all the pics, because I know she'll do a fab job. We're going for big, 60's-inspired hair, major false eyelashes and...there will be balloons involved.

Hmmmm....curious yet? : )

5) I have had NO time to work on NWA Supper Club stuff this week. I apologize. Heck, I can't even prepare supper for my own husband and I, much less plan anyone else's dinner.

This will happen though. Pinky swear. At least before Thanksgiving. That's an attainable goal date, right?

Okay, what'cha got for me? I want to hear your randomness today!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I, too, don't feel like cooking much this time of year. Lately, I've really been craving this great pasta salad that I make with tri-colored rotini, mozzarella cheese, peppers, corn and potato chunks. Maybe you could add grilled chicken or steak strips for the hubs?

  2. I love randomness, I'm totally the same way. It's still crazy to me that Manning went to Denver. Crazy week in football world! (I'm a Sports Writer!) but it's typical. I always hate that about VS everything looks so cute in the catalogs and when I get it I'm always like, "meh" nothing spectacular. I agree 1000386386 percent with the first comment about cooking. I have had no desire to eat anything for the past few weeks but I feel like I'm starving!! I can see I'm really going to enjoy the blog! ;)

  3. This warm weather has had us grilling out every night (aka hubby cooks!) It is just too nice to spend in a kitchen, right?!

    Excited to see your photos! They sound SO fun!!

  4. Girl, I am on a salad kick too! What is the deal?? Have fun on the shoot this weekend -- can't wait to see the pics!

  5. Love the hat thing! I'm from Louisville, KY and we're already picking out our derby hats! Last year I wore a fascinator that was modeled after the royal wedding, haha!

  6. I am on a salad kick too lately and I'm not even a big fan of salads. I think maybe it is the nice weather that is motivating me to eat healthier. Who knows? ;)


  7. My cooking funk is pretty much year round. BUT...I'm trying. I did a stir fry last week. Maybe this is something that will work for you and meat and taters hubby. It's veggies like salad but it's hot and you can put some hearty meat in it. Anywho-can't wait to see your photo shoot. See...another modeling opportunity just fell in your lap!

  8. I'm hosting a derby party this year just so I can wear a giant hat!

  9. I'm so with you on wanting college football back. They play with heart and drive. NFL players its all for money and show. yuk!

  10. my best suggestion for dinners when you're a salad girl and he wants meat and potatoes.... make stuffed baked potatoes {if he'll eat those}.

    The hubby and I often get in dinner ruts we buy what is on sale and often times eat for weeks on baked chicken {SO GALD GRILLING WEATHER IS HERE}.

    I usually do pulled bbq chicken potatoes w/ a bit of cheese, small dab of sour cream, green onions and bacon if you have the time/desire.

    But you could totally health this up - using small potatoes, meat or no meat, maybe broccoli and cheese? Any toppings, and then a big side salad.

    Two birds... one potato. {well two}.

    Also the NFL has lost it's mine. I'm just glad the one player I've been stalking to find out what happens with him {Hines Ward} decided he would retire a Steeler instead of trying to farm himself out somewhere else. I didn't want him on another team, I have my own selfish reasons.

    And I will agree 100% BRING ON NCAA FOOTBALL! I'm already ISO some cute bama gear for games this year! ox

  11. Sounds like you need to hop on Pinterest and pin some slow cooker meals. It does the work for you and then everyone wins :)

    We just did turkey taco lettuce wraps using the crockpot... and they were heavenyl + healthy!

  12. I love the randomness! Sometimes I get tired of the meal rotation so I have been adding a new recipe every 2 weeks. Keeps things interesting.



  13. Love these, a loaded salad sounds amazing right now.


  14. I miss college football, too!! I guess we (Mizzou) will be playing you (Razorbacks) next year!! I'm excited to go to the SEC... Should be great for some football watchin!!

    Bored with food?? Ugh me too!! I graduated to fruit smoothies for spring... With coconut oil. Apparently it has some fabulous health benefits.

    Oh and I'm a new follower... I love your blog!! You put a smile on my gave with your hysterical writing!!



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