What Happened This Weekend

...was not very exciting.

Okay, so yeah. I'm not a big March Madness fan. Probably stems from not being a big basketball fan, (though this has not yet been scientifically proven.) Plus, our poor AR team can't seem to win a game unless it's in Bud Walton Arena. So what did I do all weekend?

Non-basketball watching activities.

Such as...

1) Friday night, we watched the CMT reality show, Sweet Home Alabama and chowed down on some pizza whilst doing so. Pretty good night, in my opinion.

2) I got my hair highlighted with a "spritzing" of low-lights. Whatever my girl Jennifer does, she does it well. I lurve my hairstylist y'all. Simply love her.

3) I made a Facebook page for my blog! Yes ma'am, I did.

4) We went to early church. Early church starts at 8:30 a.m. And that seems MIGHTY early to us on the weekends. Don't get me wrong, we're regulars at the 11:00 service, but something inside our souls wanted to be hardcore yesterday. Usually, I'd say getting anywhere on a weekend morning before 10:00 a.m. would be impossible...

But bless our little Methodist hearts, we somehow made it out the door and into the chapel by the opening chords of How Great Thou Art.

6) Stephen reorganized our entire kitchen and the contents of our cabinets while I was getting my hair done, which thrilled me to no end! We went to Target Sunday afternoon and bought some really nifty little storage containers for when we tackle the bathroom next weekend : )

7)  I ordered a really cute top and some chic white pants from V.S., and another pair in a pretty sand color - all for work.

Kate Flare Pant in Coconut Milk, Silk Henley in Yellow, Christie Flare Pant in Sand

8) Okay, so my mom and dad left Friday for a ski trip. Most of the other women in the group prefer the
au naturel look and steer clear of cosmetics, (which is completely OKAY if you aren't into it, so please don't send me hate mail...to each her own.) But my mama and I, well, we believe in make-up.

This was a text excerpt of ours. I am totally my mother's daughter, y'all.

Lacy was my maiden name. Fun fact of the day, I suppose.

I hope you all had just as fantastic a weekend as we did! See y'all tomorrow : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. HOW CUTE is your momma! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I want to meet her !

  2. Awwww your maiden name is so cute & so is your mom :)

  3. My momma raised me the same! Never walk out of the house looking less than presentable! Some people make fun of my for it but, hey! I love it!

  4. Haha love this! I won't leave the house without makeup either. But my question is, how did you get away with wearing it into surgery? The couple surgeries I've had wouldn't allow it because they wanted to be able to see if my face went pale (and I was dying?) during surgery. Share your secrets!

  5. that exchange with your mom is so cute. Finally someone else who watches Sweet Home Alabama. I am not a fan of the bachelor but I will watch Sweet Home each season. If Paige doesn't pick Bubba I will be shocked!

  6. I'm a northeast girl and I swear not a girl around me wears makeup regularly! I wouldn't consider leaving the house without it! Both of my c-sections were planned and I had full face makeup on...call me vain...I don't care. I feel more like myself with it!

  7. I wish I liked wearing make up! I'm sure I run around looking pretty bad a lot of times! Pizza and a good TV show on a Friday night sounds perfect!

  8. That text is SO funny!! I love this post. Two things that you said that I say all the time "Bless so and so's heart," and "lurve." It's good to be a southern girl. :)



  9. Omg you and your mom are so cute!!!! Sounds like a lovely weekend! Where are the pics of your newly highlighted hair?? Cute clothes you ordered as well! I'm hosting a giveaway today on my blog, I think you'll like it!

    xx Kelly


  10. LOL. I love the exchange between you and your mom. I am the exact same way.

  11. Curious, only b/c I am highly considering the Simone France line, per your recommendation - do you wear foundation and/or powder still? Please be honest :)

  12. Loved the convo! That sounds a lot like something me and my mom would say.

  13. Love the text!!! And that outfit, SO cute!

  14. Twinkletoes- Oh yes, ALWAYS wear make-up. Simone France definitely improved my skin's texture and complexion, so I think my make-up looks better. But yeah, definitely still wear foundation. No powder right now though : )

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! HUGE help!


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