Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Let's just get right to it, shall we?

  • I confess that I am a tad sad today. My dear, sweet little Ruby is getting spayed this morning and she’ll have to spend the night at the veterinary hospital. I may or may not have shed a couple tears on my way to work. If I am this ridiculous about a canine, I cannot imagine how I’ll behave if/when we have children. It should effectively take my worrisome ways to a whole new level. 
  • I confess that this week’s hair highlights may have been my favorite yet. Love the warmth that Jennifer was able to inject into my crazy hair. The woman works wonders. If you live in NWA, you should give her a ring. (Not a literal ring…she’s married.) 

  • I confess that this jacket is calling my name. Only problem is, the thing is at H & M and I live in Arkansas. If anyone would like to seek out/ship this little beauty for me, I'd be forever grateful ; ) Come on...you know you want to help a sister out. 
  • I confess that I’d rather be waterboarded than go on one of those trendy juice cleanses. Seems like everyone is “juicing” now. That can’t be healthy long term, right? Anyway, you can forget this girl giving up the art of chewing.  No juice-only diet for me, thanks. I like my pizza.
  • I confess that I'm ready for summer. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm over this winter weather. If it doesn't snow, there's no point in having cold weather, in my opinion. I'm ready to spend Saturday nights on the boat again.
  • I confess that I've had the same pair of eyeglasses since 2002. This week, I superglued the frames back together for the third time. It might be time to upgrade. (To all the hipsters out there, I would like to point out that I was sporting these bad boy plastic frames back in the day, long before they were de rigeour. It was just me. And Lisa Loeb.) 
This is my serious writer self, hard at work on a project. Can't you tell by my pensive expression and serious nerd glasses?
Your turn. Let's hear it, bunnies.


  1. Love your hair!! Hope Ruby's surgery goes well. It's perfectly normal to feel that way. When my pups went for theirs, I couldn't wait to take them home!

  2. I love your new highlights! Great color! And, I'm in the same boat with H&M. They've currently got a vest I'm oogling and I can't get to the closest one fast enough... except there isn't one close - so I'm just out of luck. ;)

  3. Your hair looks fab and I feel better knowing I cried on Monday dropping my cat off at the vet. I don't have kids either, yet, and he's one of my babies. You're not alone!

    Happy weekend!!! And I've been sporting the plastic frames for years too... Lisa was our original hipster, you know before it was a trend!

  4. I got my brown Leather coat from H&M last year and I LOVE it. We don't have one super close but close enough that I can go there every now and then. When will they get their online store together??? Love your glasses even if they are old. Super glue works wonders!

  5. Awww! Poor little Ruby. She'll be home with you soon, though :) You're such a good dog mommy! Your hair looks FANTASTIC, as usual. LOVE the warmth. You look beautiful. Wouldn't life be a little easier if there was an H&M near us?! I loved them being on every corner in NYC. Heaven! And those glasses look presh on you. Hope your weekend is wonderful, my sweet Leslie! Miss you!

  6. Love the highlights! Something about getting our hair done always makes a girl feel better!

  7. Love your hair! I am in serious need of highlights and so wished I lived in NWA :) I just got a juicer, but I am not going on a juice-only diet. I'll still stick to my pizza and fries...just maybe will be a little more healthier by adding juice...it will cancel out the bad. That works right??

  8. Those highlights are GORGEOUS!
    We are getting a new dog on Thursday (she is four) but part of the deal is that we get her spayed. I am ALREADY having anxiety about getting her spayed and having to put her through that. How sad is that?! I haven't even met her yet!!!
    Have a great weekend lovely lady!

  9. love your glasses and your hair!

    happy weekend

  10. I love you hair color, it's gorgeous! And I'm with you on the juice cleanse. I like my food too much :)

  11. Love your hair! Love your blog too!

  12. I love that jacket so much! And your hair looks great :)


  13. i rock my old glasses too! just found your blog and i love it :)


  14. Leslie, I saw the jacket today in the store. The quality seems par, but for $50, I do not think it's worth it. Very cute, but also a very short cut.

  15. I am new to your blog, but am thoroughly enjoying catching up on your posts. I live in Canada and it's provided me a lot of great reading while the weather is cold and I have been stuck inside while recuperating from major surgery. Love the new highlights, they look great! What lipstick are you wearing in these photos?


  16. I definitely shed a couple tears when I dropped off our little puppy to get neutered too! I was so nervous all day just waiting on the vet to call and say everything went perfect. We are going to be so hopefully when we have real babies!


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