Savoir-Faire Moment - {Princess Skirt}

Shirt and skirt in post were generously gifted by Savoir-Faire.

Immediately when I saw this gorgeous tulle skirt displayed at Savoir-Faire, I knew what I wanted to see it in pics for January's inaugural SF post. The inspiration? My four-year-old niece Ava, a fellow poofy skirt lover and princess at heart. At Christmas, we were having a conversation while she helped me choose my outfit for the day. {She loves going through my closet or suitcase when they come to our house or we visit them in Fort Smith.} Ava said, "I fink you should dress wike a pincess today." All I had in my bag that day were a couple of sweaters and pair of jeans, but I told her that I would find a 'pincess' skirt and wear it on the blog for her. I sat out in late December to find an outfit for January that she would deem fitting for royalty. 

And I did.

The volume, the tulle, the feeling of being surrounded by bookoos of fabric in a creamy shade of ivory. This was a "pincess" skirt if I'd ever seen one.

I know this particular look isn't something many of us would or even could wear very often, but once in a while, a girl needs a good dress-up moment. Something that inspires us and reminds us that twirling around in five layers of fancy tulle is fun. This skirt does that for me. 

The shirt? Flannel. I wanted something to balance out the frilly nature of the skirt, and honestly, I couldn't think of anything more polar opposite of girly tulle than plaid flannel. (But chic plaid flannel! And with golden studs!)

I paired it all with chunky gold jewelry and simple, black peep-toes to keep the focus on the beauty of the garments - not the accessories.

If you're feeling crazy and want to show a little tummy, that's great too. I did, but you can also tuck the skirt in completely and add a sash, for a bit more conservative look.

This lovely heart-shaped necklace was a Christmas gift from sweet Tess and, coincidentally, it paired perfectly with this outfit. It also embodies every one of my feelings about Savoir-Faire.

Shirt: Savoir-Faire // Skirt: Savoir-Faire // Shoes: (old) Jessica Simpson via Dillard's // Bracelets: GroopDealz // Necklace: Savoir-Faire // Earrings: Target 
Photos by Keely Yount

Take style risks, girls. If there's one thing I know, it's that life is too short NOT to buy that amazing skirt in the store window. You'll be glad you dared to try it - pinky swear. 

Go see Tess and all the stunning girls of Savoir-Faire and tell 'em Leslie sent ya! Oh, and don't forget to hashtag all of your outfit Instagram pics with #SFStylist if you need some style advice from SF. They'll always comment back with suggestions on how to  make any look work for you!

Alright you royal maidens, enjoy your Monday.


  1. The skirt is very pretty on you, but I don't think this is a look that I could pull off. I love the shirt though! That's definitely more my style!


  2. I bought this skirt in black and it's burning a hole in my closet. I want the flannel on top look, but can't find THE one! Any suggestions? You rockin' this outfit makes me more desperate to find a top! Gorgeous as usual, girl!

  3. I agree with Lauren ^, this isn't a look I could pull off. Also, I'd love to see this skirt paired with a sheer black button up.

  4. i have the navy and yellow flannel shirt and i LOVE it! it's seriously one of my favorite pieces and i wear it all the time. i've been wanting to get some other colors but unfortunately they have taken them off of the website. i wish they'd put their jewelry up..but i guess it's a good thing i can't get any shipped to me, i already know i'd be broke.

    love this outfit to death! you rock it!!

  5. That is beautiful skirt. Anthropology had a similar (little bit shorter) version, but the price was a little too steep. Thanks for the Instagram tip! I'll be sure to check them out. I am @crystalcattle on IG. It's a combination of Frye boots, baby calves and recipes!

  6. Love it! I noticed that pic of you in the skirt right away when you unveiled your blog. Not an obvious pairing but that outfit works!

  7. Such a beautiful skirt! I definitely need to take more fashion risks!

  8. You look beautiful! So daring and yet so CHIC! :)

  9. so beautiful! love that you can style this skirt both dressy and casual. your outit you put together is perfect!


  10. I have no idea where I would ever wear this but I'm obsessed with this look. It started with an image on Pinterest that I found of a bride in her tulle dress with a flannel over it for a "trash the dress" or "day after session" I assumed she was wearing her hubby's flannel. This is lovely though, more feminine than even that was. Love it!

  11. You are gorgeous! I love your blog. Following you now! I agree about risks.



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