Leather-ette {Outfit Pics}

Are y'all loving this new look? (Not my outfit - the blog.) Lots more on this new design later, but a HUGE thanks to Aubrey Kinch for her genius and talent. She took this blog, worked her magic and created something that (I feel) looks so chic and clean. Full post on this wonder woman coming tomorrow!

However, on to leather! (Or "leatha" if you want to pretend you're part of the cast of Goodfellas.) This has been the winter of leather, (nay, the season of pleather), at least for this chick. From leggings and jackets, to ice skater-style skirts, faux leather has been calling my name. (And rather loudly, it seems. I have accumulated a stupid amount of leather/pleather items this fall. Just ask my bank account.)

One of said faux leather items was the nifty ice skater-style skirt, purchased at Maude Boutique for a mere $30, or so.

I paired it with light denim on top, just to add some softness to an otherwise harsh look. I also added this gorgeous acrylic geo necklace, also purchased at Maude recently. I thought it polished off the top half of the ensemble nicely.

Top: J.Jill (2011) // Skirt: Maude Boutique // Earrings: Target // Tights: Express // Necklace: Maude Boutique // Shoes: Old Navy
Photo Credit: Keely Yount

I pulled on some black tights, a pair of grey booties from Old Navy and added the usual wrist accoutrements, collected over the season from various boutiques. (Speaking of wrist-wear, is anyone else tired of the term "arm party"? Just me?)

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to leather. Just be confident. You can spend a bazillion dollars on the hottest cow hide money can buy, but if you don't have the stones to really wear it...well, it's a wash. Go confidently in the direction of your fashion dreams (!!) (Sage advice. It's what you get around here.)

And, if you're feeling frisky, wear a red lip. Nothing says, "I am woman", quite like a rouge lip. Your man's knees will buckle  ; )

Okay, bunnies - I'm off.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. First, I hope your outpatient procedure went according to plan. Secondly, I love the look... I've been incorporating a leather motorcycle inspired vest into my going out looks, I'm not brave enough to wear it to work as of yet! Have a fabulous Tuesday. oxo

  2. The new look is super chic and I love it! This outfit is so cute, you're making me want to try a leather skirt now!

  3. I'm happy to see a faux leather skirt can look so nice! I have a rough time purchasing leather (even though I love it, and I eat meat) something still seems off when I purchase leather items.

    But I am loving the revolution of classy looking faux items, fur and leather etc :)

    Lovely pairing my dear!

  4. I LOVE your new design! It has been a while since I have stopped by your pictures all have a new look to them as well. Loving it.

  5. Too funny! I was so busy looking at the cool outfit that I didn't even notice the blog make over until I read your text!! Love the outfit and the new blog look. It is very clean and that's exactly a look I want for my blog.

  6. I love your new design and I love that leather skirt! I'm not sure if I'd be able to pull it off, but I have thought about getting either a leather skirt or pants. Maybe I should just get the guts and buy something. I really do love the look!


  7. i LOVE the new blog look! it is perfect.

    i can't believe those shoes are from old navy..they look so expensive. maybe fay's old navy is a little more stylish then north little rock's..i can never find the cute stuff.
    fun post.

  8. LOOOOOOVE the new look and the new style of pictures too!! I've always been a big fan of your blog but now I'm in love even more!
    :) Hope you are feeling well!

  9. Love this and I am OBSESSED with your new layout! hope you're feeling better!

  10. That necklace reassures my obsession for geometric shapes!
    You look stunning, as always!

  11. Love the new blog look and I adore the outfit! Leather is definitely a must this season and can be paired with almost anything. If you have a second, I have a post on wardrobe essentials. Love to hear what you think. Xo


  12. I love this look so much!! The skirt is so cute, and I'm loving leather this season as well! The outfit post I just did featured my favorite leather jacket:) the pictures are just gorgeous!

  13. I covet that skirt -- so adorable!
    Loving the new blog design. Sophisticated!

  14. Hey! Hope everything went well last week!

    I am LOVING these pictures! So stylish and magazine-esque!

  15. What a fabulous skirt. Love that look!

  16. I'm tired of arm party! Maybe "wrist accoutrements" will catch on.
    Anyway, I love the denim paired with all the black skirt and all black jewelry. I think your necklace would look really cool layered with more necklaces! For some ideas check out this post about accessorizing a denim shirt

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