To a 'T'

Raise your hand if weekends are the only time you really get to bust out a t-shirt. (If we were sitting in the same room, you'd see me waving both my hands in the air, like I just didn't care.)

In high school and college, I lived in 'em for two reasons: 1) I had no budget for clothing. Zilch. 2) I took most of my classes earlier in the morning and any effort just seemed futile. {Sidenote: Remember when 9:00 a.m. seemed early? Like, when you'd say, "Aw, the only Intro to British Lit class available was brutally early. 8:45. As in a.m. time. Woah is me...all is lost." Funny how a few years in the corporate world will redefine your criteria for deeming something "brutally early".}

Though I can't personally sport any of these to work myself, I'd totally nab a couple of these graphic tees for the weekend. I might even go crazy and dress 'em up for a date night with a blazer and heels. Because I'm a loose cannon like that.

 Brat & Suzie Deer T-Shirt // Striped T-Shirt in Time for Tea print

Brandy Melville Scoop Neck Tee // Topshop Couple Graphic Tee

Are you as much of a would-be t-shirt hoarder as I am? Where do you find/buy/borrow most of yours?


  1. I love these. A good t-shirt is everything.


  2. I'm a t-shirt to the gym sort of girl... or plain loooong t-shirt from J.Crew/Banana/Ann with skinny jeans or leggings IF I'm only running errands. I'm really busty, so t-shirts have never been really "flattering" on me. Although that time for tea t-shirt almost makes me want to change my ways. Happy Thursday!!!

  3. I love, love that tea t-shirt! (That's a mouthful.) I'm lucky enough that I could rock that at work, which would be the perfect accessory to the tea mug that's in my hand several times a day.

  4. The 'Time for Tea' one is super cute. I could totally see you rocking that with a blazer:) Adorable!

  5. Lately, the only t-shirts I wear are from Aritzia, but they're more "floaty" than a regular tee. I'm drawn to that deer top!!

  6. I love graphic tees. I got some really cute ones from Express. They have a casual yet funky look about them. I love casual but cute so it fits my style. Yes, I remember when 9am was early. I NEVER even had an 8am class all through college 'cause that would have really been pushing it.

  7. I used to hoard tees much more than I do now. I have a closet full of ones that are just NOT suitable for being worn outdoors but I keep them for working out/cleaning the house etc. I often use old ones for towels for my hair.

    I've been getting back into the graphic tee game for wearing under cardigans. I wear t's to work all the time in the summer (very casual, and dirty workplace). So finding chic fun ones is of the most importance to me so I don't feel frumpy. Thanks for these selections!!!

  8. I love a good tshirt! :)

    They were MY college staple as well!

  9. Gotta love a good t-shirt! You can dress them up or down, they're perfect! I love those jeans you're wearing!

  10. Could really use some new tees in my wardrobe, love your choices!

    Here's to the weekend, hope it's a fab one!

  11. Love the bob dylan shirt! Where is your cross body purse from? Ive been searching forever for a good one.


What'cha got?