The -ing

Photo by Keely Yount

Something noticeably different this week on the blog? Anything missing?

I've decided to ease up on some fashion-related posts in an effort to get back to the theme of this blog originally: randomness and from-the-heart writing.

Fashion and trend-related content will always have a place here, but I hope that 2013 will allow me to get back to my roots; get back to the reason that blogging was always so much fun for me. 

I was reminded of this when I re-opened Add More –ing to Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein. I was packing up some of our winter d├ęcor this week and noticed the book sitting on a box in the closet. I picked it up and read a random chapter.

The genius of this book is that it compels you to let go of the things you aren’t passionate about, whether it be a job, a toxic person in your life or a bad habit you’ve never been able to break. Coincidentally, this is the very book that I read right before I decided to leave a career in bank marketing (it was as exciting as it sounds) and take a risk on being a real-live professional writer for a company of which I’d always wanted to work.

So, I opened the book and started reading the words. All of a sudden, I wanted to write. Writing makes me happy, it energizes my soul and it ignites the portions of my brain that cardigans and belts and stilettos never will. Writing is what lights me on fire. Because writing is my –ing.

The –ing. It’s the thing that gives flavor to food, turns sound into music and enriches the pigment in the paint colors. It’s not a person or a religion, (those are –ings in a completely different way), but an action. A hobby. A daily ritual. Something that you love deeply and fully.

Maybe for you, it’s running or dancing. Maybe it’s making music or singing. Maybe it’s teaching or healing. Maybe it’s your ability to speak to a group of people. Maybe it’s your talent for creating beautiful things from fabric or paint. Maybe it’s your ability to make people laugh.

Everyone has an –ing.

And it’s worth finding.

There will still be outfit posts and all the froo-froo fluff, (I’m incapable of breaking up with fashion), but I hope to connect with you guys on a deeper level this year. Through words. Through my -ing. Through real conversations and laughter and embracing the human experience. Together.

Let’s make 2013 an amazing adventure.

I leave you with one simple question: What is the –ing in your life? 


  1. Leslie this was the perfect post for me today! It spoke right to my heart and I needed it. Thank you for sharing. PS, I still think you look absolutely adorable in your "non-fashion" posts. Rock on, pretty lady :)

  2. LOVE this! While I love your fashion posts, I love your 'personal' posts - where you share little bits of your life and heart - even more:) You are a talented writer, and I am so glad, and so inspired, when you share that skill with us. Right now, I'd have to say that my -ing is creating. Creating a nursery that is. For our little man, who will be here in just a few short months! :)

  3. I feel sure this change will do nothing but great things for your precious blog! Your fashion sense is fabulous, and I always loved reading those posts, too, but my favorite posts are those in which you share from the heart. Bravo for taking a leap in a new direction! :)

  4. Oh Leslie! I LOVE this post! Writing for me is also what sets me on fire. I love it. I'm in the same sort of career/life transition phase now that you mentioned and hopefully, once I'm on the other side, I'll have more time to write for pleasure.

    I'm definitely picking up this book. Thank you!

  5. I love seeing your fashion posts but I really love your writing more. I guess I should also say that because of one of your fashion posts, I was able to find and purchase a dress for my first bridal shower last year! So thank you for that. My -ing has been and always will be, reading! There is nothing I love more for me!

  6. I love this post! I might need to go pick up that book! Where did you get that plaid shirt by the way? I love it!

  7. I can't wait to see wht 2013 holds for you, girly!! You are one of the best bloggers/writers I know of, and I look orward to reading ANY post of yours on any given day! :)

    I hope your week is going well! Looking forward to the "ing"!

  8. I love the idea of an -ing. When it comes to mine, it is definitely people. People are my passion, my -ing. Great post, I'm excited to see where your blog is heading. oxo

  9. i love this post, leslie. you really are such a great writer. this is absolutely one of my favorite blogs to read because you write so beautifully..and cause we are born and raised arkansans but i've always been in love with your writing style. excited to see what you have in store for your blog this year.

    and it's totally your fault that i love savoir-faire so much. sooo i wouldn't mind a fashion post here or there.
    happy thursday!!

  10. love love love :) may have to steal this book.

  11. Love this and may have to pick up this book! My -ing will always be teaching. It once was in a classroom as a teacher and now it is in my home with my daughter. Different setting but the feeling is just the same..if not better!

  12. Loving and Teaching are my ings. I love to do both!

    Inspiring post, lady!

  13. Nurturing. Loving. Dreaming. My dreams are constant and full of life and sometimes I can't seem to keep them down! I will nurture the HECK out of you! And I can't help but cuddle, kiss, coo, and throw X's & O's in my friends and families direction!!!

    So brave of you to follow your dreams! More of us need to live this way and throw away caution! My heart is excited for living more in line with my -ing!

    Happy Thursday.
    XXOO Lucy

  14. Yay ! you really do have a talent with words ! I like the fashion posts , but really enjoy the more in depth posts ! :)

  15. This was such an inspiring post!! I'm a huge fan of your style and outfits, but I LOVE your personal posts. You are such a great writer and role model. You helped inspire me to start my own blog. My -ing would have to be fashion and writing!


  16. I am so happy to hear that we'll be seeing more personal posts on A Blonde Ambition. Those are my fave.

    My -ing has got to be cats. I just love 'em.

  17. i just love this post. i always love to hear how others are inspired. i know my number one -ing is my little max. that kid makes me just plain crazy in the best way possible. momming is what i was meant for. i'm good at it, i love it, and it makes me completely and totally happy. :)

  18. You are so pretty! I love that skirt...and enjoy everything on your blog fashion or not :)


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