3 Valentine's Ideas That Won't Make You Queasy.

It’s time again, friends. Time for the most unnecessary, over-commercialized holiday ever. Valentine’s Day.

In my opinion, it's a holiday invented by card companies and chocolatiers, meant to boost sales of red roses and paper doilies. (To be fair though, it's a lot more bearable than it used to be, now that le husband is in the picture, thus guaranteeing that I'll end my Valentine's night making out with a certified hottie.)

Whether you’re with a significant other or going stag, here are a few of my ideas for celebrating the day ‘o love:

#1 Have an experimental food night.
I refuse to fight the crowds at local restaurants, so I much prefer cooking a good meal at the casa. For a fun twist, cook up something you’ve never made before, with ingredients you’ve never used. It’s a great time whether you’re with a love match, or just your best girl friends.

#2 Have a wine and chocolate tasting.
Invite a few friends over OR just your man and sample different wines and chocolates. Break out the fancy stemware, queue up some romantic tunes, (I love French artist Carla Bruni) and drink up.

If you're "tasting" with a group, have everyone bring their favorite bottle and ask taste-testers to score each sample. It’s fun to compare everyone’s preferences later on. Just make sure you have a sober Cupid to get everyone home safely!

#3 Have a lingerie party.
I’m not sure if this is common everywhere, but around here, we typically throw a lingerie shower for brides to-be. Luckily, you don’t have to tie the knot in order to participate in this version, though! Here’s how it goes:

Each person buys a cute nightshirt, boxers or undies for their “crush”. Before you think, "Oh, this is getting awkward", I'll explain...

About a week before the party, have each person draw a name of another partygoer, which will be their “crush” (or simply assign each person to another person.)It's just like Secret Santa, but...not. If you want to make it a tad more fun, add a “secret admirer” touch to it. Include a Valentine card in the gift bag for your crush with clues indicating who their secret admirer is (i.e. YOU).

We once took a road trip to Memphis in October during our sophomore year.

*Tip 1: This non-bridal edition of a lingerie shower works best for groups of six or more.

*Tip 2: Try looking at Old Navy or Target for cute nightshirts or sleep shorts that are inexpensive. Victoria’s Secret usually runs a great deal of 5 panties for $25 on their PINK line, so that’s a budget-friendly option too. 

*Tip 3: Combine ideas #2 and #3 for a rowdier fete.


  1. These are really cute ideas! We're cooking something fun at home for VDay as things are still new :)

  2. I also hate crowds on VDay and my fiance and I have being doing our own spin on #1 for 2 years now - this will be our 3rd :) Trying to decide what dish should be served this Vday at the house hmmm ...

  3. My friends and I do Supper Club once a week (aka an excuse to drink wine in the middle of the week), so we're doing it on Valentine's Day next week...a fun way to celebrate with single AND couple friends without that over the top stuff!

  4. I love love this post - My Best Fiend and I have been planning for weeks what we want to do for our men on valentines day. Both - very similar but with some differances.

    My Fiance and I are spending the evening at home - and I am cooking him dinner (Steak & Lobster) with our favorite Wine. and Strawberries for dessert! Yum!


  5. I am not a huge fan of VDay. I wasn't when I was single and I'm not now that I'm married. We use it as a day to make sure we sit down to dinner together, and I usually try a new dessert if I have time. When it's on a weekend, we have a dinner party with friends - single and couples.


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