Sponsor Update: {The Elle}

Sweet Lori from The Elle in Mena wanted to let you know that she is carrying clothing now. In addition to her purse and shoe collections, she also offers a full range of tops, sweaters, skirts and more.

In her own words:

"As you know, my sister and I both have boutiques; mine is The Elle and hers, The Rage. In the beginning, I had absolutely no intentions of selling apparel simply because, that was her thing. However, as the days/months flew by - I relaized I needed to pull in something else. Laci and I have always had different styles/vibes. I'm a little more NYC, street-chic, vintage. I also wanted to offer plus-size clothing.

She and I sat down and had a MONGO discussion about me selling clothing. Not only is she my sister and biggest supporter, but she's also my very best friend, and I didn't want the fact that I was going to sell apparel affect that. We decided that as long as we can keep it somewhat different, and stick to the styles that we both know and love - we were okay with it. Therefore, apparel/plus size apparel was brought on!"

Lori wanted me to remind everyone that she carries sizes beyond the "small, medium, large" category, so there really is something for everyone at The Elle now. 

Connect with The Elle
Instagram: @theellemarie

This has been a word from (one of) our sponsors. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming ; - )


  1. I'll check her out now! The Breath of Peach shirt is so cute! I'm having a giveaway for a SF bubble necklace on my blog!:)



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