Hunter Games

It's a dreary day in NWA, which only adds to my insane craving for a pair of Hunter boots. I justify paying one million dollars (okay, $135) for rubber boots because our spring seasons here in AR are typically rain-filled, storm-filled, mud-filled etc. As many are in the contiguous United States.

Okay, so this doesn't exactly boil down to need. And I can't even wear them during the days of Monday through Friday, as I'm not sure they're work appropriate. Plus, I probably wouldn't get a whole lot of use outta these puppies. I mean, I park in a parking garage, not a swamp. And I hate mud and being out in the elements, meaning the chances of me being in a predicament that requires rubber boots is slim.

So, there's that.

Still, in an attempt to look "outdoorsy", I pine for these boots.
I'm told these repel water just like a snake's skin. (I mean, they must, right?)
I'm not always British, but when I am, I wear these boots.
These remind me of Tory Burch's lovely boots. 

A wedge! In rain boot form! For us vertically-challenged gals...
These are green.
And in other news, the sky is blue.
Two things:
1) This was not a sponsored post. I just plain like these boots.
2) Fun post featuring a cute little get-up from Hazel's Haven tomorrow. Stay tuned, bunnies.


  1. It took me three years to work up the courage to buy Hunter boots, despite living on the NorthWest Coast which is rainy 10 out of 12 months.

    Now that I have, it's still love. I wear them on rainy days, days I think it might rain and even sometimes on days when it's not raining but they look cute with my outfit.

    I recently got a second pair which I found at Nordstrom Rack (not sure if you have those near you?) for $39, so there are some deals out there!

  2. Not sure if you're a member of Beyond the Rack but it is free to sign up and right now they have a deal on Hunter boots!

    Here's the link, maybe you can justify them if they're on sale ;)


    xo Kelsey

  3. Umm I'm so obsessed with these too that I'm giving a pair away on the blog right now! Perfect timing for you to go enter and hope to win a pair for free.


  4. Ah! So fun! These boots are awesome, but I'm with you! I couldn't pay full price either!

  5. I want a pair of Hunters but I don't want to pull the trigger due to the price.

  6. I want the red nongloss badly but I can't seem to justify it...


  7. I didn't want to spend the money for the longest time but they are my favorite purchase in YEARS. I'm obsessed!

  8. I finally got some after last Christmas! Living on a college campus where it rains and floods twice a week, I thought it was worth it!

  9. I love these boots! I definitely want a pair, but I'm just not sure I'll take the plunge and get them. A girl can dream though!

  10. I didn't know you were from Arkansas! So am I! :)

  11. I live in Nashville and bought Hunters a couple of years ago. I wear them ALL THE TIME! They are totally worth the money, IMO

  12. I'll just say it...bite the bullet and invest in a pair! You will wear them more than you think. I bought a pair a little over a year ago and I love them! Mine are plain purple, but I am loving the snake skin print!! :)

  13. I just bought a pair of Hunter Duck boots, because I've been dying for a pair (and Nordies has them for a great price right now)... I love the tory boots as well, and am dying for a pair of Burberry Galoshes!

  14. these are presh....not sure that I'd get much use either (basically for all the reasons you mentioned too) Have you seen the leopard topper for these? Oh my...to die for!

  15. They are cute but I absolutely cannot justify them where I live...not even close!!

  16. I absolutely love Hunter boots!! My personal favorites are the red ones because of the way they look with jeans.


  17. Well, if a rain boot was needed here in the Central Valley California... Those would definitely be the boots I'd get! All of them are so aodrable!!!

  18. Technically you could wear them Monday-Friday, wear them to work, and into the office and then put on your work shoes when you enter.

    *** Your feet will stay dry and toasty, and your legs/feet/pants will too ***

    Yes, I'm totally pushing for you to get these. I want to live vicariously through you. I could wear these any day of the week in my office but I have a hard time choking down the price tag.

  19. I now live in England so these were a MUST before I moved. The hubby lovingly treated me to an amazing pair of burbs. {yes the traditional patterned ones} and I LOVE them yet rarely wear them. When it's raining though, those babies are perfecto!

    I like those wedge Hunters though...so adorable. Chic yet rugged. I say treat yourself ;)

  20. Ohmy how I want some Hunter boots! Love those so much!

  21. I have a pair and they were totally a splurge, but I wear them all the time! I wear them anytime it's wet outside. Like right now the snow is melting so they're perfect. And they're totally work appropriate if you do it right! I've seen some cuuuute outfits with Hunter boots & skirts. I have the black!


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