Opportunity Knocks

Remember that time I stopped blogging for, like, a week? 

Me neither. 

To tell you the truth, I’ve been working on some exciting things coming soon on the blog. I’m feeling very blessed and very humbled at the cool opportunities all over the state that this blog has given me. I don’t deserve them, but hey – I’ll take ‘em. 

 I’ve also been working on, well, work. I, like many of you, am the holder of a real, live big girl job. That means a twice daily big girl commute, big girl client deadlines and big girl meetings. I’ve been given a job that I coveted for years and I’m doing everything in my power to contribute to my fullest. These opportunities don’t come around but once in a cobalt blue moon, so I’m seizing the day. 

But I also realize that I get the opportunity daily to come on here and talk nonsense with some of the coolest girls in the blogosphere. And that, bunnies, is a sweet, sweet thing. A thing worth nurturing.

Anywhoodle, I’ll be back tomorrow. And hopefully the next. And…you get the point. Look out for a post featuring a nifty top from Hazel’s Haven, as well as a guest post from one of my dear friends and, honest to Josh, one of the most stylish people I know. 

Honest to Josh. 

See y’all tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to what you're up to! Confession? (That's not on Friday?) You're one of my Top 5 fav bloggers. :)

  2. I've been super M.I.A in the blog world lately too... sometimes not a bad thing!!! :)

  3. We all have those weeks! Real life calls!

  4. We all need a break sometimes! I'll probably never be the blogger that posts daily and that's fine with me. It keeps it fun and not an obligation.

  5. Love that headboard. That shade of blue is just dreamy! xoLili



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