The Nineties Called: {Outfit Pics}

 Dress: Maude Boutique // Flannel Shirt & Beanie: Savoir-Faire // Jacket: H&M // Tights: Express // Shoes: Old Navy // Bracelets: GroopDealz

Good Monday morning to you all! My little blog break was just what I needed to get life back in order. Amazing what just unplugging from one activity will do for one's stress level.

I felt like channeling my inner early 90s girl on Friday afternoon, complete with a skin tight mini dress, flannel shirt, beanie and, most importantly, a pretty dope leather jacket from H&M (thank you to reader Jennifer G. for picking it up for me!)

Grunge is getting a makeover for spring 2013 and I think you're going to like it. With designers like Phillip Lim jumping on board, leather, plaid and spikes never looked so good - or so chic.

 Add some intrigue to your beanies with a vintage brooch or pair of earrings. I saw this look in a recent issue of Lucky and loved it to pieces.


It's good to be back. Cheers to a dandy week!


  1. i'm loving the grunge trend right now + adding in some neon..lord all these cute trends are not good on my wallet. :) happy monday!

  2. Girl grunge chic never looked so... Fab! I'm not into the 'grunge' look, but you might sway me! Love it! Have a great week!

    XXOO Lucy

  3. Welcome back! And you look super cute. Your legs look a mile long in that first pic.

  4. Absolutely love the outfit!! Every piece is something I have in my closet but don't know if I'd be able to pull it off as good as you lol.

  5. love this outfit. I was watching My So Called Life the other day (lol, I know!) and you pull off this look much better!

  6. I have found myself being a little nostalgic for the late 80s, early 90s here lately. Love the outfit! Way to bring the grunge/90s look back!

    Elizabeth @ myromancewithreading.blogspot.com

  7. I am a 90's child so I love this look! xo


  8. I love the way you wore this grunge look! You added just the right pieces to keep it looking nice. The earrings add a nice touch to the beanie. I think I have the same earrings.. Are they from MACA?


  9. I'm absolutely loving this outfit! And your hair. Looking great, girl!

  10. How cute are you? Such a sweet outfit!

  11. I love the beanie! Cute idea to add the pin!


    Rebecca Jo

  12. Who knew this look could be so chic!

    Love it!


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