Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Let's get to it! I confess that...

1) I started a countdown on my desktop at work for the return of Game of Thrones on HBO. March 31 can't come soon enough. Winterfeld (!!!!!)

2) I still don't like Chris Brown, and I want to go off on a rant every time I see pics of him and Rihanna in the media. I mean, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If he beat you once girlfriend, he'll do it again in due time. Listen to me sister...don't walk, RUN.

3) I've got some MAJOR blog-related news to share with you guys really soon! And it's getting really hard to keep it to myself.

4) It made me physically ill last night to watch/listen to accounts from people coming off that Carnival Cruise that was dead at sea for five days. The environment they described on the boat was something out of a horror story. Best part of all, the boat was named The Triumph. Oh, irony.

I love how they also gave them a free cruise as a consolation gift. Because I'm sure those 4,000 folks CAN'T WAIT to get back on a boat.


  1. Not only did they have to deal with the horrible conditions on board, Carnival wanted them to just dock in Mobile and transfer all passangers by bus to Louisana or Texas! Could you imagine another 7-10 hour bus ride just to get accomodations? Luckily that didn't happen.

  2. Ugh. Chris Brown is just so trashy to me. I don't understand why Rihanna continues to be involved with him. So dumb!!! Can't wait to hear your news:) Have a good weekend!

  3. We had a horrific cruise experience (food poisoning) in December (Carnival, no less). We weren't surprised this happened on a Carnival ship.
    And I can't listen to anything Chris Brown does anymore. He makes me sick. Rihanna too. I'm not sure what she doesn't understand here...
    And GoT?? I can't wait!

  4. seriously, why can't they give them their money back instead of giving them a free cruise!? it's like a sick joke.

  5. OMG! I haven't heard abut that cruise thing. I think I was on the Carnival Triumph for a cruise years ago. Happy Friday.

  6. Sooooo, what you're saying is...I should start watching Game of Thrones??

  7. I detest Chris Brown and now I dislike Rihanna too.

    I'll never set foot on anything Carnival owns.

  8. i think chris brown and rihanna been in on this together. you see, him and her both before the big "beat down," their focus audiences were younger adults, like teenagers and kids..just barely making it as artists. the "beating" both jump started their careers to the extreme. rihanna could sing more sexual songs and chris brown moved into rapper. therefore, they changed their channeled audience from teenagers to real street thugs and folks in their 20s..

    course this is all a theory.
    i'm not a chris brown fan at all. think the world (and riri) could live without him.

  9. I agree with the whole Rihanna thing she's cray and I hope she learns quick!

    Can't wait to hear the big news!



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