Bumpdate: {35 Weeks}

Four weeks left, folks. That, my sweet friends, is one month. We've got the car seat installed, the nursery got the finishing touches last night and I'm packing my "go" bag this weekend. We are locked and loaded, kids.

Let's do this.

Weight Gain: They actually didn't weigh me yesterday since I had the ultrasound in a different building before the actual Dr.'s appointment, so I'm not sure. I'm thinking at least a pound or two? 

For now, I'm going to say one million pounds (said in my Dr. Evil voice.) Or at least this mid-nineties heat makes it feel that way.

Baby's Growth: Last week, she was weighing in at around 5 lbs. 3 oz. - a healthy, thriving girl!

Cravings:  I had the biggest craving for mashed potatoes and homestyle gravy last night, with a side of fried okra. Of course I haven't had the chance to indulge said craving yet, but maybe this weekend?  I think a trip to A.Q. might be in order, (NWA girls, y'all know what I'm taking about!)

How I'm Feeling: I won't lie. Being nine months pregnant is uncomfortable. But uncomfortable means baby girl is growing bigger by the day, which just means we're one step closer to meeting her! I've gotten sick a few times this week and I can say that this is one part of pregnancy I'll be delighted to see come to an end.

Still not a lot of swelling and really no shortness of breath, so I've been pretty lucky! Energy is still pretty good, too!

Movement: She moves a LOT. We do kick counts (here, if you aren't up on your pregnancy lingo) after dinner each night and sometimes, they hurt so bad my eyes water, haha. Our girl is a mover and a shaker already!

She likes to stick her elbow out and jab me, so last week we started playing with her and gently pushing it back in. Then she would push it back out and we'd poke it back in. I'm not ashamed to admit we spent a good 20 minutes playing this game with her last night : )

Favorite  Moment this Week:  Realizing that we are done, done, and done with the nursery and have pretty much all the essentials, (okay, we have a TON of everything), so we're ready for Caroline, in terms of stuff, anyways. My breast pump came in on Monday - I went with the Medela Pump in Style Backpack, per the advice of a co-worker who recently gave birth - so I'm ready to rock and roll!
Sleeping: I average about three hours a night, give or take. She is worth every sleepless minute, though. I actually enjoy that quiet time just reading my devotional, praying, blogging and catching up on the DVR.

Clothes: Pants are all maternity, but I did buy two really cute tops from Impressions and ordered my first fall purchase from Riffraff. All of these will be perfect both now and after Miss Priss arrives.
Body Contrast Sweater c/o Riffraff

Rhythm of Love blouse in Rust // Amore Cardi in Black

Most looking forward to: My appointment today! Not to dole out too much info, (we like to keep it PG-rated around here), but I've already made a good bit of "progress", especially for a first baby, so we may be slightly adjusting the date for the C-section, after we confirm the development of her lungs, growth, etc.

Unless I go into labor on my own though, we're still shooting for 39 weeks. Dr. D just doesn't want me to go into labor at a time when he might not be there to deliver. He always says that he's "selfish" with his patients and likes to deliver his own babies - LOVE that about him!

Thankful for: My husband. I had a super rough week physically and he was there for every bit of it. Whether it was talking me through a contraction (oh yeah, we're having those - ouch!) or kneeling next to me in the bathroom while I got sick, he has been my constant. I do not deserve him, but I thank God for him each day.


  1. How great that the nursery is done! You're looking great!

  2. I can't wait to see the nursery:)
    I am excited to meet Caroline

  3. Getting so excited for you to meet your sweet girl! Loving your purchases - perfect for fall:) And pack that bag, Mama! Our little man arrived at 37 weeks - much earlier than we anticipated. I had finally packed my bag 3 days before he arrived, so that was lucky. But next time, I will definitely be packing my bag earlier!:)

  4. So exciting, SO close!!! Love your pics!


  5. I might have to drive up for AQ now.

  6. When do we get to tour that nursery? So excited for you!

  7. That baby bump is beyond cute! I don't even know you but I'm so excited for you!!

  8. If you are planning on breastfeeding, invest in some Milkies Milk Savers, especially for those first few weeks when your milk comes in. You put it on the opposite side you are feeding from and it catches any milk you leak. You save SO much milk! I got mine on Amazon. :)

  9. I absolutely love reading your blogs!! You are so fun with them. :) Spinal blocks hurt. They really do hurt BUT you are numb in 2.5 seconds. Just to remember to hunch over really well and relax....hard to think about but really helps. Let everyone help after surgery and let Caroline go to the nursery for a night. (lol, you think I am crazy but TRUST me, you will need the rest). I did for Riley and enjoyed every bit of the sleep. Don't over do it when trying to heal. I did and my incision took FOREVER to heal. Seriously 3 months to heal and Riley is almost 4 months. Not fun.

    Baby girl is going to be so beautiful!!


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