Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Hello, dearhearts! I do hope you're all as excited as I am for a rocking good weekend. Mine will likely entail lots of couch lounging and eating of various dips and chips laden with trans fats.

In the S household, it's just how we roll from Saturday to Sunday during college football season.

1) I confess that this Ben Nye Luxury Powder is possibly the best thing that happened to my face all week, (except for those caramel/fudge brownies last night. Those were pretty great, too.) I got the "banana" shade, as recommended by the gorgeous-pants Emily Maynard. I'll give a bit more detailed rundown on Monday's post, but the early verdict is "two thumbs up"! Oh, and did I mention I got the 1.5 oz. jar for only $10.00? That's a steal, y'all.

Note: I didn't get compensated to say this, nor was I provided the product for review. I just really wanted to pass along my thoughts on a new find.

2) I confess that my 37 week Bumpdate was supposed to make it up yesterday around noon, but didn't because, um, I completely forgot. So. It will be up later today.

3) I confess that when my OB asked me yesterday if I was getting nervous, I replied, "YES." Am I nervous about the C-section? Well, sure. But I'm more nervous about the enormous, exciting, scary, huge, amazing job that lies ahead of Stephen and me as parents. We are about to bring a HUMAN home with us. That's crazy. And awesome. And surreal. And I'm so, so excited!

4) I confess that I'm over being pregnant. Is it okay to say that?

I mean, there are parts of it that I've really enjoyed, and it truly has been so special to grow and nurture our daughter inside my body. (And for the record, I'm so grateful to the Lord for giving us this baby, which we so badly wanted.) But, I'm kind of ready to feel like myself again physically. I think that's just normal when it gets this close to the end, though.

In other news, I have a major case of the dreaded end-of-pregnancy "fat face". Those that have had kids probably know exactly what I'm talking about. My once oval-shaped face is now round like a pumpkin. And swollen/puffy constantly. It's really attractive.

Lastly, I want to thank each one of y'all for reading and/or participating in this little link-up each week! I know there are lots of other really fun link-ups out there, so it means the world that you stop by and support this one. (Here's where I start playing Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately?")

In fact...

Okay, what have you got for me today? Link up and let it all out.


  1. I can't imagine the responsibility of caring for a human....I can barely take care of a plant ;)!

    Looking forward to the beauty review!


  2. It's absolutely normal to be 'over' being pregnant at this point in the pregnancy. My little man arrived at 37 weeks and 2 days, and I can honestly say that I was happy to welcome him a bit early (although I would have carried him as long as he needed!) Being pregnant for 9+ months isn't easy - especially when you're a petite person. Carrying that little person around inside you all the time is HARD work! You can do it, sweet girl!:)

  3. The entire night after my csection the nurse kept coming and checking on me. She'd be like "how are you feeling?" or "what's your pain level?" and all I could say (OVER AND OVER) was "I just had a kid. A human being. Can you imagine?" I was just so shocked that it had happened (even though I obvi knew I was preg)


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