Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Hola, amigas. Well, it appears that we have once again made it to Friday. And, it's the 13th. So, before we stick a fork in this work week, let us confess our innermost thoughts in this, another edition of Confessional Friday.

1. I confess that I worked from home yesterday, sitting in the glider in the nursery. Why? Because frankly, that room makes me so darn happy. It's cozy and serene, and oozes "baby girl". Who says you can't bang out some work emails and projects from a nursery? #corporatemom

2. I confess that I LOVE doing tiny laundry. Yes, I know it will eventually start to become a chore, but something about washing and drying tiny socks and onesies in preparation for Caroline...GAW. Love it.

3. I confess that, of all things involving childbirth, the spinal (for the C-section) terrifies me the most.

4. I confess that I'm thisclose to busting out my fall decorations. If it weren't a million degrees outside, I might have done it already. Or maybe I'll just say, "psssshhhffftt!", and do it anyway.

5. I confess that I had a person (male) ask to touch my baby bump yesterday. This was strange on soooooo many levels. I kindly told him, um, no.

6. I confess that I'm ready to be able to wear my old pants again. You know, the ones with features like "zippers" and "buttons". Not that I'm not grateful for maternity jeans, but it's tough to feel sexy when you have a Lycra/Spandex tummy panel riding all the way up to your boobs. #ThisIsRealLife

7. I confess that the ending of last week's episode of Breaking Bad literally sent me into a contraction. No joke, folks. If I go into labor this Sunday, I'll probably have Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan to thank.


  1. Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know that the spinal isn't as bad as you are thinking it will be in your head. I promise. I had a scheduled c/s in March and was TERRIFIED of the spinal...even though mine was tricky and not what I would call "fun" at all, I promise you it was not as bad as I thought it would be. And in the end, no matter what-you get a baby girl. That was playing in my head all morning the day of my c/s...all these things result in a baby girl that I already know and love and cannot wait to hold...it got me through! If you have any questions or just want someone's hoenst opinion of what a scheduled c/s is like, feel free to email me! I love talking about it!!

  2. I've been doing tiny laundry for almost 4 months now and I'm not sick of it yet!:) And I SO remember getting to the point where all I could have wished for was to be able to wear normal clothes - I think that's very par for the course once you get as far along in the pregnancy as you and sweet Caroline are. The good news is: you're little like me, and I was able to get back into my regular jeans less than a week after giving birth, so I'm sure you will be the same way. And it will feel so good! I was so glad to pack up those maternity clothes:)

    Just a couple weeks to go, sweet girl! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Don't stress out about the spinal. I had a scheduled c-section and was so nervous about that part. They will give you local anesthesia first (which I'm sure you know)...I honestly did not feel ANYTHING on my back when they did the actual spinal. The only thing I felt was a slight jolt in one of my legs when it traveled through my body. It wasn't painful though, more like a shiver! The hardest part of a c-section for me was recovery on days 2-4. All states/hospitals are different, but here they discharge you after 48 hours - that was rough, but you'll get through it and it will soon be a distant memory!

  4. It's a good thing you love tiny laundry... because man oh man you have a TON OF LITTLE LAUNDRY TO COME!!! And it IS the best. Every time I folded it reminded me of my little blessings. (Now I'm not so much a fan, but they are big enough to fold their own laundry so that's good!)

    And the spinal is a piece of cake. But I have to admit - it scared me too. The first time I was IN labor when I got it so I was pumped to be getting the drugs. I didn't even notice getting it. You'll be so excited to see your little girl, I'm betting it'll be the same for you!!

    Have a great weekend lovely lady!

  5. Do not worry about the spinal! I had one with my little boy - and like you, I was worried about it! It was no worse than a little bee sting! It'll be all good! :)

  6. First, you are completely normal to be worried about the spinal. I was terrified about my epidural, but they give you a little numbing shot beforehand, so you REALLY won't feel pain after that shot. :)

    And tiny laundry is still fun for me, almost five months later. :) I've done two loads of Grace's laundry this week... and NONE of my own.

  7. Don't worry about the spinal...it isn't so bad. Especially if you happen to already be having contractions. Plus, it means one step closer to baby girl!


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