Cardi Party

Whaaaat? A post not related to my kid? I'll proceed with the post once y'all have had a moment to process this. I know, I didn't think the day would ever come either.

Anywhoodle. Let's give three cheers for fall and cooler weather! With this comes boots, coats, jackets and, perhaps best of all, cardigans. Who loves a cute cardi?

All-time favorite cardigan from Savoir-Faire last year. Remember this post? 

I'll tell you who does. This chica above.

This lightweight sweater, with her bookoos of buttons, is the easiest way to stay comfy while not looking like a hot mess with the temps drop.


Here are a few of my top picks on this blustery Friday. Get thy debit card and get'cha one or five, STAT.

Cotton Cardigan in brown/black from H&M // Boucle Cardigan from H&M


  1. Love these cardigans! Can I request a tutorial of how you curl your hair so perfectly? It looks awesome! SPILL!

  2. You look great! I love the boucle cardigan from H&M.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. You look fantastic, Leslie! Not that I mind seeing photos/hearing about your little darling :)

  4. I love these!! I'm such a huge fan of a good cardigan.

  5. Have you ever ordered at hot mama? I would like to order that zip cardigan


What'cha got?