Our Weekend in Pics!

Welcome back from the weekend, friends! I hope y'all had a fantastic two days of rest and relaxation. Several fun posts coming up this week, so let's kick this day off, shall we?

Saturday, Caroline slept a bit later, so I had some extra time to get gussied up a little bit before our company arrived to watch the Hogs game : ) I was so excited to wear my gameday outfit from one of my favorite local boutiques, Riffraff! They have a fun new collection called "Love, Riffraff" where they send you an article of clothing, plus a fun accessory each month for a very reasonable $50.

If you haven't purchased your "Love, Riffraff" December package, do so now!

We may have lost the game, but I felt like a winner in my "Love, Riffraff" November items! (Yes, I'm a cheeseball. A cheeseball who loves a good old fashioned play on words.)

Shirt and scarf c/o Riffraff // Tassel Necklace from Hot Mama // jeans from Forever 21 // BC Footwear booties c/o Maude Boutique last fall // leopard print bangle from Aldo, similar here

My sis-in-law Sarah and her kiddos, our niece and nephew, came over to meet Caroline and watch the game with us. My heart MELTED watching sweet Ava hold her cousin. She is a natural little momma, which I think means Sarah needs to have another baby ; )

I adored watching her play with Caroline on the activity mat. She spoke so quietly to her and was constantly soothing her, putting her pacifier back in her mouth and holding her little hand. #heartmelt

Note: Mr. Reed wasn't too keen on having his picture taken, (and who could blame him when the Hogs are playing), but we thoroughly enjoyed playing with him, too. 

I found a brand new Moby on Ebay for a heck of a price because I didn't want to overpay for something that I wasn't sure Miss C would like. Well lemme tell ya, she loves it! It was actually a lot easier to put on than I thought it would be and was super comfy for both of us. I call that a win-win.
So that's about it. We lead very exciting lives around here, you see. Come back for more riveting posts tomorrow ; )

P.S.- I'll be posting Caroline's one month update later today, so if you aren't le tired of baby blog posts, come back and read up on our little lady.


  1. Love your tassel necklace! Miss Caroline is just too precious - and it's so cute seeing her with her sweet cousin!

  2. I love this Love RiffRaff idea. You received the plaid shirt which I adore. Was the second item the scarf?

    Claire @ petiteswede.com

  3. Hotty Toddy! I was at the game on Sat and I wasn't sure my Rebels were going to pull off a win. It was a good game. Sweet Caroline and her cousin are so cute!

  4. loving your long scarf (and you long hair!! - pregnancy hair looks good on you!)

  5. I loooooooove thar red shirt! Looks great with your blonde hair.

  6. Love the necklace and you look amazing! So cute!

    How sweet is she with Caroline! So adorable!

  7. Ummm you did not just have a baby, you look AWESOME! Seriously, I am super impressed (although not surprised since you were the most darling pregnant lady ever)! Glad to hear you're settling into life as a mom so nicely! xoxo

  8. I remember those boots from last year! Tried to get them but they were out of my size. Still in love with them.



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