Five Generations + More Weekend Photos

Caroline and I had the opportunity to do something very cool while we visited my parents in Heber Springs earlier this week. On Monday, we visited my great grandma Ruth at her assisted living facility. I wanted her to have the chance to meet Caroline while she was still a tiny newborn, and my mom had the idea to do a five generations photo.

My Grandad, (my mom's father), met us there and the five of us were able to capture the special moments on the camera.

Great Grandma Ruth was so sweet and talked to Caroline the entire time she held her. I heard her say at one point, "Where did you get all of your pretty, dark hair?"

And then I melted.

Mrs. Pat, one of the residents who is also a dear friend of our family's, came out to meet Miss Caroline, too. Despite her hollering in this photo, Caroline was quite fond of Pat : )

Great Grandma was looking at Caroline in every single photo, which made made my heart so happy. 

It was a day I'll never forget.

P.S.-The baby had an absolute meltdown at the end of our visit, so I had to go out to the car to nurse and soothe her. Let me tell y'all, it was the most ungraceful feeding session to-date AND I do believe I inadvertently flashed two of the residents that were sitting on the back deck. 

Mommyhood, folks. It's not glamourous, but man, is it ever rewarding. 


Tuesday night, we had dinner with Grandma and Grandad. My cousin Mary also brought out her sweet little boy, Kyle. He is about seven months older than Caroline and SUCH a handsome little man. 

Someone asked me if massive amounts of hair run in our family, since Caroline has enough for five babies. I think Kyle's thick head of hair confirms it, ha! 

She LOVED my Grandad - her Great Grandad.

I dare you not to try to reach through your screen and pinch his cheeks. Triple dog dare you.

Before her meltdown...
...and after. In case you're wondering, it was as loud as it looks : )

And the weekend ended with the following very sleepy, yet content little lady.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is just precious. You will treasure these photos forever!

  2. Awe that's so amazing that you were you able to experience that. I have a beloved Pop Pop. He is the only grandparent left on both my husband and I's family. We hope to be able to have a baby while he is still here to share that joy with us. This touches my heart.

  3. You made my own heart melt!! What a glorious opportunity for Caroline to meet everyone! Definitely treasures!

  4. This post is just the sweetest!!! I love the generations photo and your baby girl is uh-dorable!!! :) And you look fabulous. I'm quite impressed how put together you've looked through pregnancy and so soon afterwards. Thanks for sharing - I enjoy reading. Oh and were can I find jeans like you're wearing with that fun yellow sweater??

  5. Okay so first I have to tell you...You look great!! Also, where is that bangle from? I can't where bangles because they fall off and it's obnoxious but I wouldn't care with that one!!

    Secondly, this post is so sweet. How blessed Caroline is to have these photos. FIVE generations. Wow!


  6. What a special trip! That's amazing. And you look so beautiful. Your hair is getting so long. Sorry if I've missed a make up post somewhere along the way, but do you mind sharing what foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer you use? I am pale also and it's so difficult finding ones that work. But your skin looks perfect!


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