For Your Little Honey Pie

Had to share a quick photo before we get to the post. We took this last night to mark Caroline's first Halloween! And get outta town with that photo of she and her daddy! Those two are my whole world. 

I said at the beginning of this pregnancy -- and still stand by it -- that I didn't care whether we had a boy or girl as long as he or she was healthy. Because, frankly, does anything else really matter? To us, it didn't.

But I'd be telling a fib if I said I wasn't just a little excited to get the chance to buy bows and frilly dresses! (I bet y'all could've never guessed that, huh? Ha!) So, you can imagine my delight when I received not one, but TWO precious bows for our little Caroline from the talented and sweet Elaine, owner and accessory-making extraordinaire at Honey Pie Accessories.

Is there anything more perfectly girly than a pink flower? I think not.
One of my favorite bows in Caroline's current rotation. LOVE the pumpkin!

Elaine's not just catering to the girls, though. She also does adorable custom shirts for girls AND boys, like these presh tees!

I could list a thousand reasons why I love Honey Pie, but I think Elaine sums it up best in her mission statement:

Honey Pie Accessories is more than an online store. It's a lifestyle. With HPA, you can now dress your little honey in custom pieces without breaking the bank. 

Take a look at just a few of the items listed on Honey Pie Accessories' Facebook page!

Be sure and hop on over to Honey Pie Accessories today to check out some of the other listings, just in time for the holiday season! 


  1. such sweet accessories and Caroline is adorable!

  2. Aw, she looks very cute!

  3. Love those sweet pictures of Caroline with her mommy and daddy! adorable bows :)

  4. Come on already, where's the nursery pics. Lovin the baby pics but bring on the nursery. No more bows jeans or scarfs, just nursery!!!! She's adorable!!


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