Caroline's Sip and See {In Photos}

This past weekend, Stephen, Caroline and I headed down to Heber Springs to visit my family and attend the Sip and See that my home church hosted for us! Sip and See parties are really popular in the south and it's a fun chance for everyone to see the baby once he or she is born. It's basically a post-birth baby shower : )

Here are some photos from our fun day on Saturday.

First off, this sweater is from Riffraff and is SO cozy, y'all! The color is the perfect blush pink for winter. Go get'cha one!

Remember Sarah, my matron of honor in my wedding? She's been one of my best friends since we were literally infants and now, we have kiddos of our own. There we are in the photo above.

Emmalynn, Sarah's little girl, helped me open the presents : ) She's SO adorable!

Mrs. Charlotte gifted Caroline with this presh monogrammed gown. It's wouldn't be a southern Sip and See without monogramming : ) 
I'm making the most ridiculous face here, but I was so excited that Caroline received her very first piece of jewelry: a gorgeous pearl and gemstone bracelet courtesy of Mrs. Cathy Hipp.

Mrs. Vangie gifted our little "Rosebud" with this sweet Mud Pie flamingo play suit. I nearly fell out of my seat from the cuteness!

Caroline and I posing with all the hostesses. (Left to right: Sarah, me, Mrs. Donna and Caroline, Mrs. Gayla, Mrs. Vangie and Mrs. Charlotte.)

Mom, me and Caroline, my maternal Grandma and my paternal Memaw

I loved this candid shot of Mom and I going ga-ga for our baby girl : )

My great aunts. (Left to right: Aunt Laverne, me, Aunt Rose holding Caroline, Aunt Ella and Aunt Dorothy.)
Note: Caroline is named after her Great Aunt Rose, and I thought it was amazing that we have this shot of her holding the baby.

My cousin Kristen holding baby Caroline Rose. 

Would y'all believe that my Great Aunt Laverne is in her NINETIES??!! I only hope to age this well.

A special thanks to Mrs. Cathy Hughes for making these delicious cupcakes!

We are very lucky to have such great friends and family back home and appreciate all they did for Miss Caroline.


  1. Your sip and see looks so fun, love all the fun decor and lil caroline is cute as bug.

    You look fabulous btw!

  2. What fun! Such precious memories of family and friends at Caroline's first Sip and See:)

  3. How fun! I haven't heard of these parties!

  4. Aunt Laverne looks fab! Now I love a good shower punch and just from the pics of that one it looks good... weird comment of the week right here :)

  5. Well, I will have to say that I've lived in the South all my life and have never heard of a sip and see! You learn something new everyday.

    And your great aunt? Wow!!

  6. Your great aunt looks amazing- her skin makes her look 30 years younger!!

    Also, I think sip and sees are the most Southern thing ever, and I love them!! Yours is adorable!

  7. Love the idea of a sip and see! Would love to know where you found your pink sweater. Always looking for long sweaters to cover the derrière!

  8. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. She is beautiful.

  9. No wonder you have such great skin...your Aunt Laverne's is GORGEOUS!!!


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