A Changing Role

It goes without saying that a "momma" has one of the hardest jobs on the planet. To me, it doesn't matter if she works outside the home or makes the home her day job; none of it is a walk in the park. We mommas are spread ridiculously thin and wear so many hats. We juggle, we balance, we walk proverbial tightropes. We adjust, we make do, we hold it together. We change diapers, feed mouths, wash tiny clothes, kiss tiny foreheads and teach tiny minds. Then we wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Mommyhood is all-consuming, my friends.

But in such an awesome way.

To say I've been consumed by being a mom is an understatement. Baby girl has my whole heart. Ive never been so happy.

And back in December, we were discussing our plans for my return to work in January (this month), as well as Caroline's daycare schedule. We were both in agreement that we wanted her to get social time with other kiddos, plus I was ready to begin working again at the PR firm where I'm employed. (Mommas need their time out of the house, too.) That was that and we were at peace with everything.

Fast forward to a few weeks later when Stephen received some amazing news from his company. They were promoting him to a bigger role and, in addition to giving him greater responsibility, would also require him to travel frequently out of state.

About the time we found out about his new role at work, a part of me began to ache for a solution to keep my job outside the home and continue contributing financially to our household, but also be able to spend the majority of my week with Caroline. I wanted to be there for as many "firsts" as I could, while also still helping to put money in our bank account and doing a job of which I'm passionate.

(Remember in that first sentence when I spoke about juggling and balancing? Yeah...)

We prayed. We discussed. We prayed some more. And we talked with my employer.

At the beginning of this month, two weeks prior to my return to work, we got our answer. And Stephen and I were so elated.

Happy to get to spend most of my week with this beauty. 

Low and behold, the praying and planning paid off. My company offered me the chance to work part-time and, above all, keep writing for the clients of whom I've grown so fond. Most importantly, it allowed me the opportunity to be at home with Caroline in a larger capacity during the workweek. (I cannot thank my supervisor and HR director enough for their hand in coming up with a solution for our family. I am very fortunate to work for the folks I do.)

I really didn't know if I wanted to share this, only because it doesn't really matter unless you're, well, us, ha! But, I also have been very transparent about our life since Day One.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I'm here with the little lady, (and today, since we're still in the throws of RSV.) But on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm in the office. For us, it was the perfect solution. An answer to many prayers.


How did your role outside the home change once you became a mom? Or did it? How do you balance everything? I'd love to hear what tips you all have, both working and stay-at-home moms, for juggling it all: the career, the babies, the household, etc.


  1. omgosh that sounds just perfect!! So nice:)

  2. What a wonderful blessing for you and your family. God is amazing! Congrats to your husband!

  3. That's fantastic news!

    Since the arrival of Miss R two years ago, my office role hasn't change much other than when I work...rather than staying here until 7 or 8 most nights, I head home around 4:30 or 5:00, spend time with her, put her to bed and then finish up what I need to do while she is asleep.

    However, with # 2 coming, I am not entirely sure that will work -- but a more flexible schedule is definitely something that my employer is open to. So we'll see if that means reduced hours or just working from home a couple of days a week.

    I am excited for you! the best of both worlds!

  4. what a wonderful answer to prayers! i love seeing that it worked out--you got to do both things you love!

  5. Congrats! Such a blessing! I am finally getting in the groove of being back to work (it only took me 5 months :)). I do enjoy the time I have away from home and thankfully my job is flexible enough that I can leave and be home when I need to be. I have thought about working 4 10 hour days and being home one day with my Bugs. Still in the works but I have my fingers crossed that it will work. Easton doed such a great job with his babysitter and is so happy with her that I hate to take him away but I'm selfish and want him one day to myself :)

  6. The Lord is good to answer your requests in His timing!

    I returned to work when my first baby girl was 12 weeks old. My mom flew down to be with us (she and my Daddy live 11 hours away and we don't have any family in town) and take care of my daughter my first week back. Then when she was 13 weeks, she started at daycare.

    When daughter #2 was 10 weeks old, I returned to work. My parents drove down to care for her for two weeks (and daughter #1 stayed at daycare).

    Last summer, when daughter #1 was 2.5 years old and daughter #2 was 6 months old, my husband was laid off. So, we took the babies out of daycare and he's been a SAHD for 8 months now. He is still unemployed, his government unemmployment extension ended December 28 (Merry Christmas to us from the government), and we are now dipping into savings to make ends meet. I'm in Human Resources and, while I adore my job, I don't make enough to support a family of four. But Jesus is continuing to provide for us. Money is extremely tight--we don't go out to eat and I don't shop for fun anymore. But we're okay. We have a roof over our heads, clothes, and food.

    I've always dreamed of being a SAHM. But God has a funny sense of humor since He is allowing my husband to be the SAHD.

    Best wishes, Leslie.

  7. Leslie, this is an amazing blessing! What an awesome answer to prayers! I returned to work when my little one was 8 weeks old, and my husband was able to stay home with him for another 4 weeks between his med school rotations. So our son started daycare around 12 weeks old, which was back in August. We prayed and prayed about what to do, as I was in a job that I didn't love and, like you, wanted to be there for my son on a consistent basis, but we needed the financial contribution from my working since my husband is in school. There was no part-time work available for me in the position I was in. In December, after much praying, we got our answer, and I put in my two weeks notice. I am now a SAHM mom to Caleb, and loving it so much! Although I wouldn't trade my time with my son for anything, there are days in which I do miss being in the office a bit - so a schedule like yours would be my ultimate dream! So happy for you sweet girl:)

  8. Oh Leslie! What an amazing blessing for your family! I am so excited for you guys. Being able to work part-time allows you to have the best of both worlds. I am so happy for you and your sweet family!

  9. You and your husband are so fortunate! It sounds like the perfect solution for your family. We have a high-school student now and one in college, and I've always wondered how our lives would be different now if I had ever been given the choice whether or not to return to work when our kids were born. Financially, returning to my job as an elementary school teacher was a requirement for our family. We just couldn't do without my salary and the insurance. There were so many days when my heart was broken and I felt like I was missing out on their little lives! But also, there were many days when I know we made the right decision for our family. I hope you enjoy every minute of being at home with your little blessing! She is such a beauty. I love reading your blog!

  10. What a blessing!! I worked from home and did some housekeeping on the side for the first year after my son was born. Then eventually I decided to head back to the office, but I only work 3 days/week and still do some miscellaneous work from home. I love being able to do both - that way the housework is still getting done, dinner is on the table, and I'm able to spend quality time with my son and still get out of the house and make an income. Sometimes I have a desire to work full time and other times its opposite and I just want to be a SAHM with no work responsibilities but overall I feel incredibly blessed to do both. So excited for you and praying little Caroline recovers soon :)

  11. I always say that part-time is the best of both worlds. I was able to ease back into work when my son was born. I started back 2 days/week when he was 8 weeks old until he was 6 months old. I increased to 3 days/week until he turned 1 and I now work 4 days a week. You will cherish the time you have with your baby, but will enjoy the break too. I go to work so I can eat and pee when I want- ha!

  12. I'm not a mom but I am so happy for you. Growing up my mom and my dad built his practice from nothing...there were times when we were in daycare full time and there were times we were with my mommy full time. Now as an adult, I can see how much my mom struggled. Eventually she found a great balance similar to yours and I think...well...I know she would say that maintaining an identity is key whether you work a full time in a job or as a mom. As a kid, I would say the most important thing was just that she loved us. I never felt like she missed anything (my dad either). It was so clear we were the priority and I am so thankful to them. Especially as I have grown and realized that so no easy task. You are a good mom, Leslie. It is apparent in every post that you write and I know someday Cee will be saying the same things about you.

  13. Ahhhhh!!!! What an incredible BLESSING! I know this has to have been such an answer to prayer for your sweet family. Miss Caroline is so lucky to have such a loving and devoted mommy! Congrats again, love.

  14. What a blessing!!! My dream job would be to have this exact schedule. I could essentially do my job part-time but my company is so "corporate" it wouldn't fly with the big-wigs. :(

  15. That is so amazing for you! My SIL ended up in a similar situation--Mon, Tues her mom keeps the baby, and then she works from home the rest of the week. My husband and I don't have our first baby (yet), and my job is something that really worries me. The job I have now pays very little, so if I did keep working, we would spend all of my paycheck on daycare (literally), and there is NO WAY they would let me do a "work from home" thing. They are completely inflexible on that. I've been looking for something new, that will hopefully be better about planning our future family, but right now I haven't gotten any response, so it's obviously something that keeps me stressed out.

  16. yay!!! i hope my attitude is like yours one day :)


  17. I am so excited for you!

    I went back to work after our 1st was born. I got pregnant with #2 when he was 8 months and I quit after she was born (they are 16 months apart).

    I was in pharma sales, so it was a big leap of faith to walk away from salary/perks.

    They are 3 and 20 months now…and I have no regrets. My days are spent with my heart and soul.

    It will be so nice to keep your foot in the door of the corporate world, but have more time at home.

    Really the best of both worlds! Enjoy!

  18. Good job Momma, you are a fantastic momma.

  19. How fantastic! Don't you just love when things fall into place? Congratulations Mama :)

  20. So incredibly happy for you!! I'm a nurse and my husband and I came up with a good schedule where I work two nights a week (win-win, daddy gets time with her and I only miss the night time-big milestones dont happen when they sleep :))

  21. I just got goosebumps reading this......I am so happy you found a happy medium! I am lucky and honored to stay at home with my little guy. I never knew you could be so exhausted yet so in love at the same time! He is 5 months old and keeps me on my toes! He is the cutest little high needs baby ever! Haha! I know this is only a season and won't last forever! I look back at his colic phase (5 hours of fussing/crying at night) and it seems so distant and unreal! You sum up being a mom beautifully!

  22. Working part time truly is the best of both worlds. I started working in the office on MWF and from home on T/TR after I had my son 3.5 years ago. I then had a daughter in March of 2013 and have continued this plan. I feel so fortunate. I think you'll be extremely happy with your new setup! Good Luck! Hope that sweet baby feels better soon!

  23. I think the Lord knows a momma's heart and works things out for our good!! When my girl was an infant and we were coming up on the end of my six weeks leave, we still hadn't found a daycare I felt comfortable with. I had to work - for reasons beyond my control - and my mother had made it quite clear that she wouldn't keep R on a full-time basis. I cried, I prayed. Lo and behold, my husband was talking to his mother and she just in passing said that she'd keep her but she was sure I wouldn't want to make the long drive to her home. She lived a good 30 minutes from our's. My husband told me what she said and I said oh yes, I'll drive it. So I had my caregiver and when I mentioned it to my mom, she agreed to help every other day. We did this until my daughter was about 3 1/2 years old and then we put her in pre-school part time.

    So glad that things worked out for you and your family!

  24. That's so exciting for your family! After each girl, I went back part time and then slowly back to full time. Though I wish my part-time could have been longer this time around, I still know that God's hand played a role in how long I was off and working part-time for each babe! I think you'll have the best of both worlds and love working part time!

  25. I'm so happy for you! I must say I'm not very surprised that you didn't want to go back full time. ;)


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