Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

It's Friday and around these parts, we're confessin'!

1. I confess that I had a good five-minute meltdown in the bathroom Wednesday night. After five days of taking care of our baby girl and dealing with this stupid RSV crap, I just needed a “moment”.  It comforts us to know that this is only temporary and that she will eventually feel better. It serves also as an excellent reminder to thank the good Lord for an otherwise healthy baby.

2. I confess that the previous statement and the stress this week has caused may result in mommy enjoying a glass of wine this weekend. Sometimes, a gal just needs a little bordeaux or chianti in her life.

3. I confess that I’m scarily close to needing to pack up Caroline’s newborn clothes and it makes me soooooooo sad. She has several NB dresses that still fit, but it’s time to make more space for her 3-month clothing. Cue mommy tears.

4. I confess that I baked a funfetti cake last night for no reason other than to stuff my face. I never, EVER crave cake. Don't even really like the stuff. But for some reason, it sounded good. (And nope, I'm not pregnant, ha!)

5. I confess that I've had about enough of Mr. Bieber. After yet another ridiculous debacle, I think he needs to be grounded and sent to his room. Quickly.

What's on your mind, bunnies? Do share.


  1. AMEN on Bieber. I mean it's bad enough that he got arrested and looked like a little kid in his mug shot but to get on top of an SUV when being released from jail. I mean really?

  2. Bieber is THE WORST. I can't imagine what you're going through with a sick baby (but I've had a very sick puppy before, so that's close, right?), so prayers for you and Miss Caroline! Don't worry though, a good dose of funfetti and wine usually does the trick when you need to ease your stress!

  3. I am with you! Justin Beiber needs to just go away and reevaluate this life. If I hear one more thing about him being so outlandish I will scream. Happy Friday! Hope your little Caroline is feeling better soon!

  4. Funfetti cake is the best!

    the beebs 100% needs to be grounded!

  5. You deserve that glass of wine, sweet girl! Enjoy it:) Glad to hear that Caroline is on the mend - I know how scary RSV can be with a little one.

    And oh, my goodness. I also know just how sad it is to have to start packing up clothing. Be strong Mama - you're going to have to start doing it pretty often as they grow so quickly. I feel like I am packing up clothing/shoes/bibs/socks on a fairly regular basis now as my son grows. It makes me feel a little better to know that (Lord willing) we will get to have at least one more baby, so we will get to go through it all again at some point. But still a bit heartbreaking to see how fast they grow!

    Happy Friday, sweet friend!

  6. girl, have a glass and a piece of cake. in the meantime, praying for that sweet babe of yours.

  7. hahah! love this! especially the bieber part!
    and I totally feel you on that "making cake just to stuff your face." It just happens sometime!

  8. I love that you're doing this link up on Fridays! I'm also doing a Confessions link up but on Wednesdays :)

    Hope your baby is all better soon!

  9. Haha I definitely wondered if you were preggers after the cake confesh!


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