Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

 ‘Ello, bunnies. It’s Friday and we are confessing!

1.     I confess that I have a new clutch in my life and she's absolutely perfect, (and GOOOOLD.) Where did I find her? Oh, you know, Riffraff. She was part of the December 2013 "Love, Riffraff" Club box. Sign up each month to receive a surprise box from Riffraff, sort of like Birchbox, for only $50. Each month includes a clothing item and coordinating accessory with a style guide to show you how to wear it. It's like having a personal stylist, but for way less moo-lah. 

2.     I confess that I’m not a new mom who’s itching to get back into the gym. Has my body changed shape? Yes, a bit. Is this something that keeps me up at night? No way. I do not love the treadmill. I loathe weights. I don’t care for sweating. No need to go all crazy and try for six-pack abs or anything. My cardio consists of higher intensity stroller walks with Cee and my weight training is lifting her up and down eleventy million times per day. Has my body changed shape? Yes, a bit. Is this something that keeps me up at night? No way. I’ll take my hippier hips any day of the week over busting my hump to attain a physique that probably – let’s be honest – ain’t gonna happen for this post-Caesarean body anyway ; )

3.     I confess that one of my goals this year is to meet new friends! I want so badly to connect with you gals outside of blogging and such, so the Mom Talk chat sessions and Northwest AR mommy meet-ups are my attempt to do this. I highly encourage all of you girls who have kiddos or are expecting (or think you might want to be a momma some day), to join the chat group I’m organizing. Also, if you live in NWA, hit me up for details about the playgroup/meet-up. It’s going to be super casual and will definitely take place on a day and time in which all moms, both SAHMs and working moms, can participate.

4.     I confess that I shot some outfit photos yesterday (see Confession #1) and It. Felt. Great. Sometimes, it’s good for the soul to put on a cute outfit, slap on some make-up and run a curling iron through the ol’ locks. Mommas need to feel sexy, too. (Can I get an ‘amen’?)

5.     I confess that I just about fell over when I read somewhere that Brad Pitt is now FIFTY. As in 5-0. Let’s read this together slowly: we now live in a world where Bradley Pitt, Mr. Smith himself, qualifies for an AARP card. Good lord.

6.     I confess that I was at the Dillard’s annual New Year’s Day sale on Wednesday and some lady literally TOOK a set of sheets from my hand. And I said nothing. Not a word. I think I may have even smiled at her. This year, perhaps I should learn to stand up for myself.

7.     I confess that I have the Scentsy Cider Mill brick burning right now and it makes me want a Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice soooooo badly. And now, I’m deciding if I need to put on real pants instead of these sweats to go get one.

Your Turn!


  1. I think if you wear a long coat and go through a drive thru window, you can stay in sweat pants ;)

    Love that clutch!

  2. Yay for the return of Confessions! Will def be participating again soon:)

    AMEN! on taking a few minutes to look pretty once in a while. Every girl wants to feel pretty, but us moms need to carve out some time to do that for ourselves once in a while - which can be hard to do!

    I say, rock those sweatpants sister! No one will know - except maybe Caroline, and she won't care:) And don't feel too bad about not reacting to the whole sheets situation. I probably would have done the same thing, and then thought of a million different ways I could have handled it after the fact. When things like that happen to me, I'm usually so shocked I can't think of a reaction in the moment because I just can't believe that people act the way they do!!!

  3. I love this link-up! You look absolutely fabulous all dolled up after baby!


  4. I don't think any of us has noticed your body changing--you look fabulous, as always!

  5. Girl, when I saw this outfit post, my first thoughts were, good gosh she does not look like she has even changed a bit post-baby. You look fabulous! Also, karma will come for the lady with sheets :)


  6. Hi, Leslie. :) I'm your newest follower.

    I loooove Cider Mill. I'm a Scentsy Director, and when I received that "Scent of the Month" kit, I knew the bars would go fast, and they did. Love it! Also, now I want Starbucks. Haha.

    #4? I agree with that, too. Amen from me.

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous! I had someone steal my after Christmas finds out of my TJMaxx basket...hello those were my treasures from digging through the racks!!! Madness! Love that clutch!

  8. I am totally excited that this is back. And also, go get Starbucks. That's never a bad idea, even if you're not wearing real pants. Like never, ever a bad idea.

  9. I love the cider mill... and I am not one to like fallish (word?) scents but I have bought- not kidding- 4 bars since October!!

  10. I love the scarf you are wearing! Very adorable. Where did you get it?

  11. You look great! I will have to join in next week because I had to plan ahead, blah, blah, blah. My computer is at te shop. But really, you go girl.

  12. I hear you on the post-C-Section body. I'm 7 months out and taking my sweet time getting back into "shape." It does feel so good to do your hair and makeup though! Absolutely love the outfit post - you look adorable!

  13. I'm sorry..I had to laugh at the whole "sheet" fiasco. That is sooo me. I'm the girl who says "sorry" when someone bumps into ME or makes a mistake themselves. My husband is constantly telling me to not be so "nice"...ah well, I'd rather be the one apologizing out of turn than the rude person in the first place! I also had a cesarean and was actually dying to get to the gym at 6wks pp. It's a stress reliever for me. My hubby is in the Navy so when he's gone for months at a time, it's great to have those two hours in the day when the baby is someone else's responsibility-sounds awful but it keeps me sane! You look amazing! And I'm now curious about this riffraff!

    noel @ www.thirddayhair.com

  14. So glad you're getting back into the confessional Friday routine, your baby is absolutely gorgeous and you're rocking the post-baby body! Can't wait to participate next week for your next link-up!


  15. You let someone steal your sheets! NO! Girl.. you are much too kind! :)

  16. your stunning girl! love the outfit!



  17. Your outfits of the day always so beautiful! Just wanted to let you know that you have a new follower ~ just found your blog & I love it! Visit mine too if you have a chance, ~ it's a fashion/lifestyle blog! Otherwise, keep blogging & I'll keep reading! much love, Olivia

    PS Hope you guys are having a great 2014 so far!! xoxo


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