Turtle Power

Know what practically never goes out of style? (Okay, other than a little black dress.) Tortoise shell.

And why? Because Jackie O. loved her some shell and, therefore, it's classic. Let's review this equation:

Jackie O. + Anything = Forever Cool

Like the fabulous Mrs. O, I too love some turtle power. (I also loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was little. I hearted Donatello like nobody's biz. But enough about those turtles...)

Here are some hardshell pretties that I'd gladly add to my closet and accessories drawer:

Large Tortoise Maxine Cuff here // Cobalt Cabo Tortoise Pendant here // Tortoise Clutch here // Dragonfly Bib from Bauble Bar // Tortoise Frame Drops


  1. We obviously have the same thoughts...I've been lusting over a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses at Tory Burch for a while now.

  2. I am a sucker for Tortoise stuff - watches, jewelry, glasses, etc. It's timeless and classic just like Jackie. well done girl!

  3. That clutch is awesome! It would go with absolutely everything!

  4. Oh that cobalt pendant.. LOVE!
    Tortoise does go with anything! I wear tortoise sunglasses all year!

  5. GIrl.. I love me some tortoise too! It's so lovely with ANYTHING!

  6. Love Jackie O and tortoise shell! :)

  7. um, love that photo of Jackie. if someone is anti tortoise just show them that picture.

  8. Love this post, but love the title even more!! It reminded me of one of the many reasons I love this blog! Hilarious....


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