Winter White + Army Green: {Outfit Pics}

One of my very, very favorite colors to wear during the colder months is, well, actually not a color at all. Call it off-white, call it bone, call it alabaster or call it winter white; whatever it is, it's good stuff.

Funny story: I went to take these photos yesterday across the street. Just my trusty tripod and I. About five minutes into snapping photos, two little boys who had been at the adjacent playground walked up. They were waiting for their mama who was unloading another kiddo from the car. One of them said, "Are you taking pictures of your shoes? I wike your shoes a wot." I melted; he was so cute.

Jacket gifted by Riffraff // sweater purchased from SheInside (old) similar here // necklace via Hot Mama, similar here // jeans via Forever 21 here // boots from Old Navy here // 
A few minutes later, their very sweet mama walked up and said, "Are you Leslie from A Blonde Ambition? I read your blog!" It's a small world after all, folks. (Nice to meet you, Nicole!)

White can be a little tricky during the frigid months, so here are a few tips for wearing this neutral shamefully well.
1) This one is a no-brainer. If you're going to wear a lot of winter white, get a spray tan. If you're like me and tend to favor Casper the friendly ghost, it'll be necessary. Trust.

2) See photo above with the jacket. Olive and cream go so well together AND it's the trendiest neutral combo for winter 2014.

3) Gold warms up ivory incredibly well. Try throwing on a stack of gold bangles or a pair of metallic gold ballet flats.

4) I love to wear a coral-colored blush (pictured above in Nars blush) and lip gloss when I wear winter white. It's subtle enough to compliment delicate alabaster without overpowering it. Steer clear of harsh red lipsticks or bright pink blushes.


Lastly, a small housekeeping item: If you plan to participate in the first Mom Talk chat session on Thursday evening, (topic is breastfeeding), I need to know no later than today at 5 p.m. CST. Thank you!

Later, gators.


  1. What a fabulous color combination! Thanks for sharing these great tips. :)

  2. I love winter white! I find myself wearing cozy sweaters all winter.


  3. Love that sweater, you look great!


  4. you are so skinny!! I dont believe you just had a baby!

  5. i still remember being a little girl and my mom saying the words "winter white" to me. I also remember the time she told me i needed a "bone" colored shoe. She is a good mom. I am sure you will pass these important lessons on to C. ;)

  6. That's so cute that you got recognized!! Very cool. And I think it's awesome that you are able to do the pics on your own. They look really good. Do you have a remote?

  7. Winter White is one of my FAVORITE'S :) You are looking fabulous. Love the touch of olive green you added to your outfit.

  8. Love that sweater!!

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