30 Week Bumpdate: {Baby GIRL Sisti #2}

Weeks: 30 weeks this Thursday

Official Due Date: December 17 is still the official due date, but we set her birthday at last week's appointment (a.k.a. C-section day.) I don't want to announce it just yet, in case it changes. (Not that impacts your life in any way whatsoever...more of just a little "FYI" tidbit.)

Trimester: Third and final, folks.

Gender: GIRL! (Woohoooooo!!)

Name: Ainsley Catherine

Baby's Size: At last week's appointment, they estimated her weight at 2.5 pounds, which is pretty average for this point. My bump (or fundal height) is also measuring average and on target for Ainsley's gestational age. (Riveting information, isn't it?)

Cravings: Bananas, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Cheerios with fresh strawberries, honeycrisp apples with peanut butter. On the savory side, I'm craving McDonald's chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce and their french fries. I have no shame in the occasional indulgence in those golden gems. Judge away; I care not.

How I'm Feeling: I feel great! I still have a good deal of energy, though on my days at home with Caroline, I am beat by the end of the night. She keeps me on my toes for sure, but it's pretty fun to chase her : ) I always tell people that my office days are far easier than my SAHM days, at least from an energy standpoint. 

Sleeping isn't too comfortable, just because Ainsley loves to be active beginning at around 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. or so. The bump is getting bigger, which means it's a little harder to find a cozy position to doze off. Our couch is much more comfortable than our bed, only because it's really firm and easier to roll off of when I need to get up to visit the loo!

No nausea most days and I'm still enjoying my daily cardio of taking Caroline on walks. We do a LOT of hills with the stroller and I try to jog short, easy intervals throughout. (She likes to go fast, so we both win!)

I also count cleaning our house as exercise. Ever hauled a central vac hose (and the 20 various nozzles that attach to it) up and down stairs, from room to room while chasing an 11-month old? It's a work out. Trust.

Movement: All the time. I don't mind it a bit. Sure, it can make sleeping a little tough, but it's very reassuring to feel little Ains moving around in there. 

Momma thoughts: It's crazy to me that we're now in the home stretch. Already?? Can someone please explain to me where the last 30 weeks have gone? 

We pulled the trigger on the crib and bedding, so I'm feeling pretty confident we'll have everything squared away in her nursery by the time she's here. Perfected? No. But she'll have a cozy place to sleep and, Lord knows, plenty of clothes, ha! 

We are also in the process of buying a new car for me - something that will accommodate two carseats more easily than my little Nissan. It's been so nice to have both of our vehicles paid off, but the reality is, two rear-facing carseats are going to make it TIGHT in my sedan. We're looking at a couple mid-size SUVs, which will give us a bit more room for both babies and alllllllll the stuff that comes with them.

As crazy as I know this will be with two babes under two, I'm so ready to meet Ainsley and complete our family. 

I got a text from Stephen the other day saying, "I love our life." It made me smile. Because I love it, too. The journey is wild and about to get wilder; it's true.  I mean, who in their right minds decide to have a baby, sell their home, move and then bring a second kiddo into the picture all in one year? (Though that last part caught us a tad by surprise.) 

Apparently, we do. And gosh, I don't think I'd have it any other way. 

Until sometime next month, friends --


  1. You are adorable!! I can't believe it is so close to your due date already. I'm not prego, but I had a honeycrisp apple and peanut butter for breakfast today! :)

  2. Two girls under two is simply amazing!!! We too, celebrated our oldest's first birthday, bought a "mommy car", had a baby, bought a house and moved, all within a year! I wouldn't change a thing! I think you're going to absolutely love it!!!!

    1. Okay, this makes me so happy! I love hearing the POSITIVE side of this experience! Thank you for that!!

  3. Your & Stephen's attitudes are so inspiring. Life sure is an adventure, and I know you guys are going to enjoy every minute of the "crazy" ;)

  4. I love having my kids close together! They love each other so much and we have already moved past the baby stage with a 3 and a 5 year old. I cannot imagine starting again with a baby now that I have a 5 year old. The closer together the better in my opinion!

  5. I rarely comment but love your blog!
    I had twin girls when my son was 18 months old! We thought oh let's have our second and they will be close together! They are 11 and 13 now and I miss those days even though I was a crazy person all the time! Enjoy your sweet family!

  6. I'm so excited for you !!! Having girls close in age was difficult some days but overall they have grown to be close friends and I look back and it was wonderful having my girls 11 months apart :) They had each other as play mates growing up and mammy fun moments to capture on video :)

  7. Congratulations on baby girl! You look stunning!

  8. I know what you mean, my husband and I are living in Brazil and pregnant and decided we are going to move. So in the midst of having a baby in a foreign country we are looking for new jobs and don't know where in the world we will be come June!


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