The Duster Cardigan and Why You Need One

Oh, duster cardigan. Where have you been all my life, dear friend? You cover all the right places and give the perfect amount of attitude to the classic jeans 'n' heels ensemble. (And, you make me feel taller!)

Really, you're what I've always been looking for and never knew it.


And friends, the duster is just what you've always been looking for, too.

Duster cardigan c/o Savoir-Faire (sold in-store, but very similar here on their website) // tank c/o Savoir-Faire (sold in-store, but I love this one, too!) // jeans via Destination Maternity // heels here 

Maybe you've purchased one of these trendy jacket things this season or maybe you haven't. Point is, fall and cooler weather are here, and you need a duster cardigan, like, yesterday. My girls at Savoir-Faire have quite the collection of amazing duster cardigans.

Like this one...

And this one...

Oh, and this one.

My favorite way to wear it? Over a tank, paired with jeans and worn with heels or booties. It works for the office or out to dinner. I found mine at SF in-store, but they have several very similar online.

Want to spice it up? Put it over a mini shift dress with some over-the-knee boots. Instantly sexy without being too crazy, since the length of the duster leaves lots to the imagination. See? It's the perfect fall item.

Couple things to keep in mind with duster jackets:

1) Make sure to pair it with a shoe with at least a little bit of heel to it. I'm not saying you need to run out and purchase a pair of 6-inch stilettos; something as subtle as a wedge bootie, like this one, will give you all the height you need to pull off the duster.

2) Make sure it fits around the shoulders and arms - not tightly, but enough that it's a little snug. Nothing sadder than a beautiful girl (like you) pulling at her top or jacket all night because it's too big. The duster jacket should fit (somewhat) around the shoulders, then flow around the waist, thighs and butt.

The other rule?

WEAR it. Walk with confidence and stand tall. It's a statement piece. So make a friggin' statement.


That's it, ladies. That's all I've got today. Get yourself a duster cardigan and, if you do, show me how you style yours on Instagram. My username is @ablondeambition and I'd love to see what you do with yours!


  1. I got one this year and I love it.
    That sweet baby bump though :)

  2. I absolutely love your fashion sense!! I have an odd question, how tall are you? I'm loving where the duster hits on you but Always have trouble finding things that hit right since I am a short 5'5.

    1. Oh, girl - story of my life, too! I'm a very statuesque 5'4" ; ) So yeah, certainly not tall at all. This one hit just right!

  3. That cardigan is so adorable; I love the prints! You look fabulous!
    Red Reticule

  4. Love this duster cardy ensemble!


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