Updates on Stuff You May Be Curious About

The fact that this post title ends in a preposition is going to drive me crazy, but it sounded too stuffy to title it "Updates on Stuff of which You May Be Curious". I just wanted to acknowledge that in writing because, well, I'm a wee bit tightly wound concerning grammar and such. 

Home Tour
I've been trying like the dickens to get our house assembled enough to take you guys on a home tour, but I just haven't had the time. I've been trying to wrap up things at work, get what's left of our things unpacked and stored in the attic, plan a first birthday party and a 30th birthday party (my husband's birthday - tomorrow!), begin Christmas shopping -- I'll be out of commission due to the C-section in the weeks leading up to, so I'm doing it now -- and basically just keep my head above water while I finish out this pregnancy. 

I'm still in search of art for the living room and kitchen, as well as a new comforter for the master bedroom because ours is shot. As soon as I can finish up those details and have a chance to take some photos, I'll let y'all come on in. I promise!

So, all that to say, our home tour may be a Christmas home tour (or winter home tour) instead of a fall one, but by golly, I'm determined to finally show y'all where we live. I love our little abode; we worked really hard for this house and I'm so proud of it.  

My MIL is going to help decorate it  for Christmas and she is a living, breathing, southern version of Martha Stewart, at least when it comes to holiday-i-fying a house. (However, she's never been to prison for insider trading. Do y'all remember when that happened to M-Stew? I still laugh about seeing tabloid photos of her in a prison jumpsuit, collecting pine cones out in the jail yard. I think her stint in the pokey made me love her more.)

Our Second Kid Will Have a Nursery, (or At Least A Crib and Bedding)
In other decorating news, Ainsley has a crib (!!) She won't be sleeping in a milk crate, after all ; ) We ended up going with a slightly different model than the Pottery Barn Taryn crib after we learned a different style converted into a larger toddler bed, (read: more miles out of one bed.) We are putting it together this weekend and I'm so excited!

I also just ordered bedding. This bedding. I love it and I'm pretty sure Ains will, too.

Hair Curling Video Tutorial
I filmed a hair curling how-to for you ladies. If you've got long hair, be sure to tune in late next week, (probably Thursday), and check it out! I think it would definitely work for shorter hair with a few modifications. I'm no pro, but the method I'll demonstrate works best for me.

I've updated my "Products I Love" page
If you've been unable to sleep due to wondering what kind of concealer I use, you can finally rest easy. On this nice little page, you'll find a complete list of the mess I use on my face and hair, as well as tools like my favorite curling iron and hair dryer. If you've been hankering to add to your make-up collection or hair product vault, check it out

And if not, it's sure to help you doze off if you've been battling insomnia. 

Please note: If you have questions about how I apply any of the products, please leave a comment at the bottom of the Products I Love page. I try to answer emails promptly, but these days, that's the best way to get a fast answer to your question. I'll reply back on the page, so look for a response within a few days.  


  1. You are too darn cute, Leslie! You and I are grammar nerds and definitely would be best friends. Teaching English/writing and majoring in English and PR has nothing to do with that fact. ;) Can't wait for your home tour!

  2. Haha I think Martha's prison sentence made me love her a little more, too! My MIL and I were just talking about her and how she's mastered basically every crafting/DIY medium. It'll be so nice to have your MIL help you decorate your house. I love the crib and bedding you've chosen. I love a great nursery even if the baby doesn't spend much time in it at the beginning.

  3. I love that crib!! I can't wait to see a full house tour because the tiny peeks we've seen so far look amazing!!!

  4. so much going on in your life right now!! I'm so excited for you though. :) Don't stress yourself out about getting everything ready to do a home tour! We will just be that much more excited to see it when it does make it's appearance. ;)

  5. Great update! I can't wait for your home tour and vlog.

  6. a christmas/winter tour sounds like it'll be cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Girl you have got so much going on! Get some rest before the baby comes!


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