Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Everyone give this your best Usher impersonation, "These are my confessions...."

And, just like Usher, we're going to tell ours. Starting....now!

1) I confess that I passed my glucose screening - yeehaw! No 3-hour test for me, thank goodness. I've heard that test produces soooo many false positives the first time, so I was relieved that I passed. Looks like I can continue indulging in those occasional Pumpkin Spice Lattes. If I ever crave sugar again. (After that test, the last thing I wanted was anything sweet.)

2) I confess that I'm making Caroline's birthday cake. Myself. With my own two hands. Actually, four hands because my mom is going to help. Here's why: since my first birthday and even still, my mom bakes my birthday cake every year. Every. Year. I have decided to carry on the tradition for my girls, too.

I had actually placed an order with a local bakery and everything, but about a month ago, had a change of heart after thinking about my most vivid birthday memories. One thing stood out in my mind - the cake my mom has always made me.

 It may not be beautiful, (although my mom is actually an excellent cake decorator and very artistic, and I'm very lucky to have her help since I am NONE of those things), but I can promise it will be memorable and taste great : ) It's silly, but I love carrying on traditions like this one.

And, just in case it's a flop, we'll still have the professionally decorated cookies! ; )

3) I confess that I finally replaced my leopard flats from two years ago with these babies on Wednesday night. The soles were very much literally coming off the bottoms. I always do a pass through the shoe aisle at Target, (who doesn't?), to see what's on shelves. Saw 'em. Loved 'em. Found my size. End of story.
I wear a 7. 5 in most other brands, and tried on and bought the 7. 5 in these, so in my opinion, they run very true to size, just in case you're ordering online. They're comfortable and I've worn them twice already. Oh, and they're cheap. Bonus.

4) I confess that this video/blog post had me crying ugly tears, but in a happy way. Not giving you any hints; just watch it.

I confess that I'm ready to hear your confessions!

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  1. I love your tradition, it's the same in my family. My mom STILL makes our birthday cakes when we celebrate at home. It's her mom's chocolate cake and icing recipe and so delicious! Kudos to you, lady!

  2. My family always baked birthday cakes too. Bakery cakes are good, but nothing beats homemade.

  3. Your tradition is so sweet! And how exciting that there will be two cakes to bake before you know it!!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. Leslie, I LOVE that you are going to make your baby girl's cake. I did the same thing with my kids. They weren't anything fancy but the kids enjoyed them. They would sometimes help bake it and lick the spoon but they never got to see it decorated until their birthday. That was part of the fun for them to get up in the morning and see what the cake looked like. Happy Birthday month to your sweet little one.

  5. That video - "can I cuddle him?" Amazing. :) Happy Friday - Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I love the birthday cake tradition--so sweet!

  7. And that video made my ovaries ache! Thankful that our 3 are enough for our family, but oh, precious babies!!!

  8. Love the new blog look and I gotsta get some leopard flats now! You are the cutest pregnant gal I've ever seen like seriously! Xo Becky


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