Cheering on Anna at Miss Arkansas

So Sunday marked the start of the annual Miss Arkansas pageant week in Hot Springs. I must admit, I don't really keep up with the pageant circuit myself and really haven't had a reason to in years past. Save for a couple of really minor high school beauty contests, (in which I actually placed 3rd!), I've never really been a "pageant girl". I know what you're thinking....you're a southern girl and NEVER been in pageants?! It's true. LOL.

However, I will definitely be keeping up with the Miss Arkansas pageant this year because a dear friend of mine from Warren, AR is representing ASU- Jonesboro in this year's contest! Her name is Anna Callaway, she is 21 years old and is my boyfriend Drew's, brother's girlfriend. Did you get all that? Ha!

She is competing for the title this year along with 44 other talented, beautiful young women from across the great state of Arkansas. Her platform is called "N.I.C.E." which stands for "National Institute of Character Education. It is a platform that I know is near and dear to her heart and she truly believes in it.

Please say a prayer for Anna this week and keep your fingers crossed that she will do great! I'll keep you updated on everything starting Wednesday night, which begins the Preliminary competitions. The MAIN EVENT begins on Saturday night at 7:30 and, although I have to work this week and cannot attend, Drew and his family will be there in my place and keep me updated via cell phone throughout the whole thing.

You can visit the Miss Arkansas Website and learn more about the contestants here. Also, I've posted some pics. Enjoy!