Getting in Shape for Summer - (Better Late Than Never!)

After eating my way through summer, (and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it), I have decided to start up my work-out routine again. I realize it is already mid-July, but as the old saying goes, there's no time like the present!

I was doing great working out on an every-other-day-basis a couple of months ago, but since I travel most every weekend and LOVE to indulge in all the Southern treats of summer...sadly fitness has taken a back seat lately. I'm not exactly out of shape, just not as fine-tuned as I'd like to be. And though I have avoided putting on any weight, (Lord only knows how I avoided that one), it's only a matter of time 'til all of that wonderful homemade ice cream and peach cobbler catches up with me! Haha!

And I can tell my jeans are a bit more snug around the waist.

I'm not one of those girls who just LOVES working out....nope, not this girl! So I won't pretend I can't-hardly-wait to get started again : ) But there is a small chance I will have to be seen in an actual swimsuit next month (the horror of horrors), so I best get going.

Therefore, I'm putting my feet to pavement, (or in my case, the treadmill), and starting my fitness regime again. Have I mentioned I hate working out? ; )

Luckily, I'm a devout Shape Magazine reader and they always have solutions at the ready for real women, like the one I found. It's called the 30 Day Shape Up Plan and it's supposed to be great! I subscribed tonight and received my first week's eating and workout plan promptly after I joined. And, (gasp!), it wasn't completely terrible!

Only 3 days of actual exercise per week and easy meals like low-fat PB & J and chicken-veggie stir fry. All meals are able to be prepped in only 20 minutes or less, a factor that's CRUCIAL to working gals like myself! And guess what?? The plan includes carbs! My favorite edible thing in the whole wide world : ) I was thrilled to find out that I won't have to eat seaweed puree or soy burgers and I would get to eat more than 400 calories a day! Victory!

How many of us have had that moment where you've been on a super strict diet for about a week and suddenly get "that" craving? You know, that craving where you want to eat a pound of cake batter and you WANT IT NOW! Then you raid the fridge looking for anything with starch or sugar, only to find that all you have is a jar of apricot jelly, but you eat that anyway because you're STARVING!? Ummm, yes, I've experienced that moment.

That is NOT my goal with this work-out/healthy eating plan : )

But don't worry gals, I'll still be allowing the occasional treat on the weekends. After all, I'm a girl from Arkansas who has grown up around amazing food and amazing cooks. Besides, I'm convinced life just isn't complete without banana pudding on Sundays....

Wanna join me? Sign up here and keep me posted on your progress. I'll be giving frequent updates on my progress and let you know if I have any luck with the plan.

Here's to health and happiness!

Blonde Blessings,