The Linebacker Trend: Love or Loathe?

I was walking around at Target yesterday and saw what can only be described as "linebacker chic." A cute, petite girl rounded the corner of the paper products isle wearing a pink dress with sleeves the size of Texas. I thought this trend died out in 1984, along with t-shirt ties and acid wash jeans, but I'm apparently wrong. The shoulder pads are back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So I just HAD to go up to the Promenade to see if stores were actually carrying these ginormously shouldered dresses. To my horror, 5 of the 6 stores I stopped in were carrying frocks that reminded me of the days of Tiffany and Sixteen Candles. The more store windows I passed, it was like giant shoulder padded dresses and tops were jumping out, calling my name. Like an episode Twilight Zone: The Project Runway edition.

I'm a self-admitted fashion maven. I love clothes, accessories, make-up, playing with my hair....you name it. So I'm always trying to stay on top of trends. Ladies, this is one style boat I'm not jumping on though. The thoughts of what this could do to my body shape send cold chills down my spine.

So what do you think of the voluminous shoulders trend? Love it or loathe it? Let me know if you guys would be willing to give shoulder pads a try once more.

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  1. You know, we're still making fun of this look when it was worn in the late 80s. I find it appalling.


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